Thursday, October 17, 2013

Top 7 Free Best SMS Sites to Send Free SMS Online to All Over World

This is a very popular site through which you
can send free message to any mobile number/
network in India.This is popular because of its
fast delivery service and easy to use
interface.Therefore more than 12 million users
use this free messaging service.They Provide
160 Character Limit for Standard SMS and 140
character for Personal SMS.

It provide you to send unlimited
International SMS for Free.You can send
messages to more than 200 countries in this
world.You can Send message upto 300
Characters limit as well as it offers you to send
Picture message also for free only.It delivers the
message instantly in all over world.

You can send Free International
SMS daily.Not only SMS you can also send free
Picture message also.Using SMScity you can
send free sms to 22 different countries.You can
also send SMS via your MSN messenger and
delivery is Reliable.

Allows you to send Free SMS
message to mostly every country in the
world. Doesn't require registration to
send messages.

This is site got very popular with in some time
only because of its some advance feature which
allows you to schedule message to be sent in all
over have to just type the message,
set the desired date and time and you are done.
SMS will be sent automatically !!

This Website allows you to send message to any
mobile number within India whether it is CDMA
or GSM.Also, it contain SMS collection on
different topics and events based messages and
can send to any one in all over India.And the
best part this site has a list of latest Online
music songs which you can live stream while
sending messages.

You can send free messages in all over
India. It is currently used by various
departments like Financial institution, education
institutes and many other.You can send
Unlimited SMS for free and there is No
advertisement in SMS and no Character Limit.


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