Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to Use Android as Wifi Router - Create Wifi HotSpot

This Post going to be Something big for Android
Lovers.Now You Can use your friends mobile
Internet on your phone and they can also use
your Internet Data! Interesting right?

Yes I am also excited when I heard first time.To
share Mobile Internet connections with your
friends you need to Create a Portable Wi-Fi
hotspot,to know How? Check below..!!

Creating Wi-Fi hotspot on Android is so easy.
Follow these simple steps one by one to create
Wi-Fi Hot spot.

Steps to Turn on Wi-Fi HotSpot on Android:

We are showing you here the steps in enabling
the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot in latest versions of
Android. Enabling on the old one is also quite

> Go to "Settings" Menu on your Phone.

> Now find the option " Wireless and
Networks " and hit(tap) on it.

> Now Here you will be able to see the option " Tethering and Portable
HotSpot " option which can let you to enable the portable Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android!

> Now Tap the option " Portable Wi-Fi HotSpot " to tick.

That's it you have enabled the portable Wi-Fi on
your Android Mobile!, You can now enjoy
portable Wi-Fi from your Android Mobile.You can
connect to your Laptop,Tablets,Another Smart

If you want to change the Name and
Password of your portable Wi-Fi then
Tap Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings
and now Edit the Name, Password
and Security setting from this option.

Points to Remember While Enabling Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android Mobile:

> Turn off the Wi-Fi after completing
your work, because turning on
Portable Wi-Fi on your mobile can
drain your phone's battery and
decrease the battery life.

> Use the Strong Password before
turning on portable Wi-Fi

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