Friday, October 25, 2013

How to Add Sunglass in Photoshop

Adding Sunglasses - Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1:

Download any image of a beautiful model, or your own friends picture and open it in Adobe photoshop. Then open a image of a sunglass.

Step 2:

Now you have to cut out the sunglass with the pen-tool. When you've cut out the sunglass drag it onto your Photo with the move tool.

Step 3:

Now that we've cut out the sunglass it's time to position it right, it doesn't go with the face. If you want to rotate sunglass you can select the sunglasses layer, then press Ctrl+T, photoshop will go into the transform mode. Place your cursor outside of the rectangle transform shape and go to a corner, you cursor should change to a corner arrow. Then tweak the sunglass so the right side comes up a bit.

Step 4:

Give your glass a nice color with color balance (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+B).

Step 5:

NOTE: This step is the most important step, so take your time. As you can see the sunglass legs will ruin the whole mod Happy , we're going to fix that right now. Take the healing brush.
and brush over the legs, make sure you do not have to big of a brush, a bigger brush then the legs will do fine.

Step 6:

Now what we have to do is change the blending mode so the sunglass is see-thru. Change the blend mode of the sunglass layer in the layers window to Vivid light, and opacity to 69%.

Step 7:

And that's it

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