Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to Make Free Calls From PC to Mobile - Top 5 Best Ways

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1. Google Voice

It is best way to make free calls form PC to mobile and Mobile to PC.But you can use to make free calls for only US and Canada. If you want to make free calls form any part of world then you will be charged, check the call rates here  

It helps you to not only make free calls but also manage the Phone numbers you have. Means you can create a number that will never change so that you can forward calls to other mobile you have.Interesting right? and not only this you have many other features.

2. Yahoo Messenger

yahoo messenger help you to make free calls from pc to phone.this is just awesome unlike

google voice it works in India also.!! Download and Install latest version of Yahoo Messenger here 

If you have an Yahoo account then fine log in with that in case if you don't have an Yahoo account then sign up for that and then log in with your account.

> Now Click on Yahoo Call and then select Call a Phone number from my PC.
> Now Dial 18003733411 it is a toll free number and wait till your call is connected.
> Just follow the instructions and select the free call option end by saying free call through your microphone.
> Almost done! Now you will here advertisement till your call is connected and then you can here Please Dial Your Number .
> Now Dial Your Number and start enjoying Free calls.

3. iCall

This is one of best applications to make free calls form PC to mobile. It also offers only free calls for the number in USA and Canada Apps available for windows, Mac, Android, Iphone and Linux.

You can call for 5 minutes only after that your call disconnects but you can make call as many times as you want.

This is one of best site i have ever seen. Using this you can make Calls for only India and every

call limit is 2 mins after that it disconnects automatically and you can make 15 calls with 2 mins each.

This is another service to make free calls from PC to Mobile for free.But it also have some

restrictions like other services you can call only for some countries and daily limit of 60 mins.

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