Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to get more traffic from Facebook for your Blog

Facebook is the most famous social networking
site having more then 800 million users and
everyday the number of the Facebook users are
increasing! You can use the Facebook as your
blog promotion and marketing. You can get the
good number of visits from the Facebook and all
you have to do is to promote your blog. But
before you promote your blog in the Facebook
you should have good network so that you can
get the good number of traffic.

1. Create your Facebook Group

To get more traffic from the Facebook then you
should create one group and add your friends
inside that group and make sure you are adding
just interested persons and then make sure you
are sharing something interesting in that group
and keep that group active and also keep your
Facebook profile active and interact with people
and tell them about your blog.

2. Create Facebook Page for your blog

You should create Facebook page for your blog
so that people can be connected with your blog
and when you share the posts in the Facebook
page and they can easily get it. And make sure
you have added your Facebook page widget in to
your blog so that your readers can directly like it
from your blog.

3. Help your readers

Whenever your readers ask about the help or
asks the questions then quickly solve their
problems and then you will get a reader for a life
time and they will also share your blog posts
with their friends so eventually you will get good
number of traffic.

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