Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to Lock a Computer with USB Pen Drive

You can do this on a daily basis by using a USB Pen Drive . Pen Drive used to store the files on a Removable Device. You can use the same as key to the Computer.

There is a program. This program is completely free. Through this Program you cannot on your computer fully without the Pen Drive. If others tried to on your computer it'll send a message as "Access Denied'.

Using this program and see how to use Pen Drive as a computer key .  

1.  Download the Program from the site. And install the    Program in your Computer.

2.  After you start the Program,  Insert your Pen Drive in to your Computer.
3.  When you Insert your Pen Drive it'll ask for Password. Press OK.
4.  Next Preferences window will appear,  in that give a password where there is a box as  "NEW PASSWORD".
5.  Next Tick  "ALWAYS REQUIRED". (This is to ask Password every time when you insert your Pen Drive).
6.  Flaws in the section next to the drive select your Flash Drive.
7.  Finally Press CREATE KEY and Click OK.

Done . You have the right set the program . Now in the task bar icon of the program will appear. Pressing it in a few seconds the icon will light up on the green . Understand that you switch to green and program began to run .

Program will check every 30 seconds whether the Pen Drive is inserted in your Computer. If Pen Drive is not there the light falling on the screen of your computer will stop movement.

More information you can find here   

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