Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Convert 1GB SD card to 2GB

Can I change 1GB Memory Card to 2GB memory card ??  - You can !!

1 . The algorithm only works on 1GB memory card . Only use 1GB memory card  as much as possible .

2 . Backup all the data on your memory card before using this method.

3 . Now you Download and Open the Software

4.  It displayed with 955MB DEFAULT- in 1GB Memory As said above , so only use 1GB Memory Card.

5.  Now Insert your Memory Card.

6.  Select the FIX option button, and click Yes.

7.  Thats it now all the Data in your Memory Card will be deleted and It will become 2GB.

8.  At last Remove and Fix your Memory Card. It will show as 1912MB.

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