Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Make your Windows Genuine using Notepad !!!!


1. Copy and Paste the following code in the Notepad.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents]
"OOBETimer"=hex:ff,d5,71,d6,8b ,6a,8d,6f,d5,33, 93,f
"LastWPAEventLogged"=hex:d5,07 ,05,00,06,00,07,
00,0 f,00,38,00,24,00,fd,02
\Windows NT\CurrentVersion]
"CurrentBuild"="1.511.1 () (Obsolete data - do not
"InstallDate"=dword:427cdd 95
"DigitalProductId"=hex:a4,00,0 0,00,03,00,00,00 ,36,
31,37,38,30,35,37,37,2d,34,35, 33,38,39,00,5a,
00,00 ,00,41,32,32,2d,30,30,30,\
30,31,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00, 0d,04,89,b2,15,
1b,c4 ,ee,62,4f,e6,64,6f,01,00,\
00,00,00,00,27,ed,85,43,a2,20, 01,00,00,00,00,
00,00 ,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,\
00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00, 00,31,34,35,30,
34,00 ,00,00,00,00,00,00,ce,0e,\
00,00,12,42,15,a0,00,08,00,00, 87,01,00,00,00,
00,00 ,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,\
00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00, 00,00,00,00,00,
00,00 ,94,a2,b3,ac
"LicenseInfo"=hex:9e,bf,09,d0, 3a,76,a5,27,bb,f
2,da ,88,58,ce,58,e9,05,6b,0b,82,\
c3,74,ab,42,0d,fb,ee,c3,ea,57, d0,9d,67,a5,3d,
6e,42 ,0d,60,c0,1a,70,24,46,16,\
0a,0a,ce,0d,b8,27,4a,46,53,f3, 17

2. Save the file with the .reg extension.

3. If you run the file means it will ask you the confirmation to add the value to your Registry.

4. Press Yes.

5. Reboot your System.

6. Start Downloading from Microsoft Site.

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How to Hack GOOGLE to get Everything Free


Now Hack Google To Get Everything Free

Download Any File For Free Now Hack Google

Hey Guyzz, here i am again in front of you with my new trick to get anything from internet free.
Now download any file from internet free using GOOGLE.

1. Just Copy And paste the code below in the google search input box.

“parent drectory ” your file name  xxx -html - htm -php -shtml  opendivx -md5 -md5sums

2. Now Replace the your file name with the file name you required to download.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to convert CDA files to MP3 (or Wav/Wma/Vorbis/Flac)


This is used as Audio CD to MP3 Converter and Audio CD Ripper .
The first thing you must know is .CDA files are not audio files, they are just a way that Windows uses to let you access an Audio CD index. When I say that they are not audio files, I mean that they do not contain sampled sound at all! This means that you cannot convert them to another format (such like MP3), simply because they do not contain audio samples! This is why if you copy a .CDA file to our hard drive and try to play it with an audio player, nothing happens. And this is why you need FreeRIP to extract audio tracks from an Audio CD.
If you copied some .CDA file to your hard drive or to a different media.....sorry, you can't convert them to MP3 format. You will need to find the original CD and rip its tracks with FreeRIP.

Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today and shared this. Now I'd love to hear from you. Got any views, thoughts and questions related to the post? I'm all ears here. Add your comment.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Shortcut Keys in Computer Keyboard

Employ the hottest hotkeys we know
In these key combinations, hold down the Windows
key (normally located between Alt and Ctrl) and
another key, as described on this list.

  • Press the Windows key to enter the tiled Start screen.
  • The Windows key + M minimizes everything that's showing on the desktop.
  • The Windows key + E opens Explorer for quick access to folders.
  • On the Start screen, press the Windows key + D to instantly get to the desktop.
  • The Windows key + Tab opens a list of currently running programs.
  • The Windows key + Print Screen takes a screenshot and saves it in a Screenshots folder nested in your Pictures folder.
  • To take a screenshot on a Windows 8 tablet, simultaneously press the Windows button and the volume-down button on the tablet chassis.
  • The Windows key + Q opens a global search menu.
  • Type what you're looking for and where you would like to look.
  • The Windows key + W opens a search in your system settings to quickly locate and change system properties.
  • The Windows key + F opens a file and folder search.
  • The Windows key + Pause opens the system properties page to show you a quick rundown of your specs.
  • The Windows key + "," (that's the comma sign!) makes all current windows transparent, giving you a peek at the desktop as long as you hold down the Windows key.
  • The Windows key + "." (the period) snaps a window to the right or left side (toggling each time you press ".").
  • The Windows key + R prompts the Run command— useful for quickly launching apps and other routin.

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How To Remove Stored username and Passwords from your Computer

To remove the Stored User Names and Passwords
from your system, try this:

1.  Click Start
Run and type "Control keymgr.dll"
Remove the entries from the list.

2.  The other ways to access this dialog are:
Type "Control Userpasswords2" in RUN box, click
Advanced, Manage Passwords

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How to Add Sunglass in Photoshop

Adding Sunglasses - Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1:

Download any image of a beautiful model, or your own friends picture and open it in Adobe photoshop. Then open a image of a sunglass.

Step 2:

Now you have to cut out the sunglass with the pen-tool. When you've cut out the sunglass drag it onto your Photo with the move tool.

Step 3:

Now that we've cut out the sunglass it's time to position it right, it doesn't go with the face. If you want to rotate sunglass you can select the sunglasses layer, then press Ctrl+T, photoshop will go into the transform mode. Place your cursor outside of the rectangle transform shape and go to a corner, you cursor should change to a corner arrow. Then tweak the sunglass so the right side comes up a bit.

Step 4:

Give your glass a nice color with color balance (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+B).

Step 5:

NOTE: This step is the most important step, so take your time. As you can see the sunglass legs will ruin the whole mod Happy , we're going to fix that right now. Take the healing brush.
and brush over the legs, make sure you do not have to big of a brush, a bigger brush then the legs will do fine.

Step 6:

Now what we have to do is change the blending mode so the sunglass is see-thru. Change the blend mode of the sunglass layer in the layers window to Vivid light, and opacity to 69%.

Step 7:

And that's it

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Payoneer is an online global payments company that provides easy solution to make online payments, send and receive money from over 200 countries and also from US companies including PayPal, Amazon, and Facebook etc.  Using Payoneer Master Card, you can withdraw your funds from anywhere in the world through MasterCard supported ATM machine.
Payoneer is the best choice to withdraw money from PayPal in unsupported countries like Pakistan, Egypt, and Iran etc. Many people also use Payoneer to verify PayPal account with their US payment service.
Along with these benefits you can also make money with Payoneer affiliate program. A few days back, I had written an article about verification of PayPal account using Payoneer MasterCard. That article was much liked by readers and I also got some referrals.
Recently I have got my first commission of 25$ from Payoneer refer a friend program. So, I though why not share this good news with my readers so that they can also get benefit.

So, here are the details about how Payoneer Refer a friend program works.

Payoneer Refer a Friend Program

Just like many other companies Payoneer also have their affiliate program. Remember that you must have a Payoneer account in order to participate in this program.
Login to your account and you will see Payonner Affiliate Login button just on the right sidebar. Click on it and you will find your Payoneer affiliate link.

Login payoneer refer a friend
Payoneer Affiliate Account
Now whenever a person signup for Payoneer account with your affiliate link and gets first 100$ to his/her account then both of you will earn 25$ reward.  Share you affiliate link with your friends on Facebook,TwitterGoogle+ etc. and start making money with Payoneer Affiliate program.

You’ve received a referral
reward from Payoneer!
Dear Siyam,


Your Payoneer account has just been loaded
with $25, as a reward for your recently
approved referral!
To share Payoneer with more of your friends
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My Payoneer Transactions

Get $25 when you sign up @Payoneer with my link. Available to over 200 countries worldwide!

This is a Payoneer.com Affiliate Program. You will be able to get a free 25 dollar deposit when signing up through my affiliate link. If interested please sign up and get the Payoneer debit card and earn a free 25 dollar deposit.

Here is the link to Sign Up :

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to send Large Files between Android Devices via WiFi Direct in a few Minutes without any Additional Softwares

Wi-Fi Direct™ is a wireless technology that
enables Wi-Fi Direct devices to connect directly to
one another. This means users on the go can
print documents, share data, sync files, and
display information from notebooks and netbooks,
as well as from devices like smartphones and
tablets. Products certified Wi-Fi Direct can
connect to other wireless devices without joining
a traditional wireless network or Wi-Fi ® hotspot.
Note : Before you can use Wi-Fi Direct, you will
need to disconnect from any Wi-Fi access points
or turn off Mobile HotSpot ® . When you turn Wi-Fi
Direct on, any open connections will be ended.

Wi-Fi Direct Setup

1. Open the Notification Panel by swiping your finger
from the top of the screen to the bottom, and
touch Settings > More settings.

2. Touch the slider next to Wi-Fi Direct to turn the
feature on or off.

3. Touch Wi-Fi Direct to connect to other Wi-Fi
Direct devices.

4. Your device will scan for other Wi-Fi Direct
devices automatically. If the device you want to
connect to is not listed, make sure that Wi-Fi
Direct is turned on in the device and touch Scan.

5. Touch the device you want to connect to. If you
want to connect to more than one device via Wi-
Fi Direct, touch Multi-connect and mark all of the
devices you want to connect to, and then touch
Done .

6. The other device will receive an Invitation to
connect prompt and will have 30 seconds to
touch Accept for the connection to be made.

7. Once connected, the other device will show as
Connected in your list of Wi-Fi Direct devices and
the WiFi icon will display at the top of your screen.

Sharing Information with Connected Device

To share videos, pictures, or other information
with the connected device, follow these steps:

1. View the information you want to share. For
example, if you want to share a photo, find the
photo in your camera viewer, Gallery, or My Files,
then touch the Share icon or touch the Menu
Andr key and look for Share, Share page, or
Share via option, and touch Wi-Fi Direct .

2. Mark the box next to a connected device name,
Android_XXX for example, and touch Done .

3. You will see the Outbound transfers screen on
your device. When the transfer is complete, the
receiving device will see a notification in the
status bar showing that a Wi-Fi Direct file has
been received.

4. When you receive a file via Wi-Fi Direct, the file
can be found in My Files > sdcard >
ShareViaWifi .

Note : Depending on the other device model, the prompts and shared folder information may differ.

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How to Use Android as Wifi Router - Create Wifi HotSpot


This Post going to be Something big for Android
Lovers.Now You Can use your friends mobile
Internet on your phone and they can also use
your Internet Data! Interesting right?

Yes I am also excited when I heard first time.To
share Mobile Internet connections with your
friends you need to Create a Portable Wi-Fi
hotspot,to know How? Check below..!!

Creating Wi-Fi hotspot on Android is so easy.
Follow these simple steps one by one to create
Wi-Fi Hot spot.

Steps to Turn on Wi-Fi HotSpot on Android:

We are showing you here the steps in enabling
the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot in latest versions of
Android. Enabling on the old one is also quite

> Go to "Settings" Menu on your Phone.

> Now find the option " Wireless and
Networks " and hit(tap) on it.

> Now Here you will be able to see the option " Tethering and Portable
HotSpot " option which can let you to enable the portable Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android!

> Now Tap the option " Portable Wi-Fi HotSpot " to tick.

That's it you have enabled the portable Wi-Fi on
your Android Mobile!, You can now enjoy
portable Wi-Fi from your Android Mobile.You can
connect to your Laptop,Tablets,Another Smart

If you want to change the Name and
Password of your portable Wi-Fi then
Tap Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings
and now Edit the Name, Password
and Security setting from this option.

Points to Remember While Enabling Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android Mobile:

> Turn off the Wi-Fi after completing
your work, because turning on
Portable Wi-Fi on your mobile can
drain your phone's battery and
decrease the battery life.

> Use the Strong Password before
turning on portable Wi-Fi

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How to get more traffic from Facebook for your Blog


Facebook is the most famous social networking
site having more then 800 million users and
everyday the number of the Facebook users are
increasing! You can use the Facebook as your
blog promotion and marketing. You can get the
good number of visits from the Facebook and all
you have to do is to promote your blog. But
before you promote your blog in the Facebook
you should have good network so that you can
get the good number of traffic.

1. Create your Facebook Group

To get more traffic from the Facebook then you
should create one group and add your friends
inside that group and make sure you are adding
just interested persons and then make sure you
are sharing something interesting in that group
and keep that group active and also keep your
Facebook profile active and interact with people
and tell them about your blog.

2. Create Facebook Page for your blog

You should create Facebook page for your blog
so that people can be connected with your blog
and when you share the posts in the Facebook
page and they can easily get it. And make sure
you have added your Facebook page widget in to
your blog so that your readers can directly like it
from your blog.

3. Help your readers

Whenever your readers ask about the help or
asks the questions then quickly solve their
problems and then you will get a reader for a life
time and they will also share your blog posts
with their friends so eventually you will get good
number of traffic.

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How to Add Facebook Page To Blog


Now to add the Facebook page to the blogger
blog first of all login in to your blogger blog and
then Go To template and then click on EDIT

Now just find <body> and paste the bellow code
under the <body> tag. If you are not able to find
the <body> tag then try to find <body you will be
able to get it.

<div id='fb-root'/>
<script>(function(d, s, id) {
var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)
if (d.getElementById(id)) return;
js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id;
js.src = &quot;//connect.facebook.net/
fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
}(document, &#39;script&#39;,

Now just save your blogger template and Go to
the layout in the blogger and then click on Add a
gadget .

Select Html/Javascript and paste the bellow
code inside it.

<div class="fb-like-box" data-href=" http://
www.facebook.com/ToBtricks " data-
width="292" data-show-faces="true" data-
stream="false" data-header="true"></div>

Now just change the Bold link with your
Facebook page link and then simply click on
save and you have done.

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Amazing Post Working on Facebook

Copy and Paste this in a Comment Box  ( with the dot )
⋱ ⋮ ⋰
⋯ ⋯                      ^v^
⋰ ⋮ ⋱    
    ^v^          ☁☁☁       ^v^
       ( (                   🍂🍁\\🍊🍂
        ) )                  🍃 🍎🍁// 🍎 🍃
^v^     ( (                🍁//🍊 🍃🍊 🍃//🍊
    __|¯¯|________           🍃🍂\\🍁🍎🍂\\🍃
   ╱_______________╲         🍂🍃🍂//🍃🍂//🍂
  |_________/\________|           🍂🍎\\ 🍂\\ 🍎🍂
  ╱________/ ▒ \_______ ╲          🍃 //🍃//🍃
 |_________/▒▒▒\________ |            \ . /
╱________/▒▥▥▥▒\_______╲              |.|
▌══════▒.II≡≡II.▒══════ ▌           |.|
▌--▒▒:▓:▓:▒║██:║▒:▓:▓:▒▒- ▌   💐🌹💐   |.|
▌--▒▒:▓:▓:▒║██:║▒:▓:▓:▒▒- ▌   🌱🌱🌱   |.|

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Top 5 Countries with World’s Fastest Internet....

Top 5 Countries with world’s fastest internet.....

1. Hong kong has the worlds fastest internet speed. It has
blazing fast internet, an average peak speed of 63.6 Mbp
megabits per seconds. At this speed you can download
HD movie in about 2 minutes.

2 Japan
Speed: 50 Mbp
The home of Nintendo and Sony had the second fastest
internet speed, thanks to the high-speed fibre optics that
run through many parts of the island nation. Japan’s
average peak broadband speed reached an impressive 50
Mbps, which was more than 170% faster than the global

3 . Romania
Speed: 47.9 Mbp
When last checked in on Romania, it was ranked No. 5 and
was the only country to see its average fall from the
previous quarter. The country is now back on track, and
has elevated itself with an average peak speed of 47.9
Mbps. That’s 160% faster than the global average.
Romania’s average was 9% higher than the previous

4. South Korea
Speed: 44.8 Mbp
Serious PC gamers who want to dominate in StarCraftneed
fast, low latency internet connections. They’ll find that in
South Korea, home to consumerelectronics giants
Samsung and LG. The country’s average peak hit 44.8
Mbps, about 143% faster than the global average. It was
the only region to lose speed compared with a year ago.

5. Latvia
Speed: 44.2 Mbp
Smaller countries are easier to blanket with high-speed
internet, which is one of the reasons why Latvia
consistently ranks high on this list. The average peak
broadband speed.

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Symbol to be displayed...(A Keyboard Trick)

Alt + 0153..... ™... trademark symbol

Alt + 0169.... ©.... copyright symbol

Alt + 0174..... ®....registered­trademark symbol

Alt + 0176 ...°......degre­e symbol

Alt + 0177 ...±....plus-or­-minus sign

Alt + 0182 ...¶.....paragr­aph mark

Alt + 0190 ...¾....fractio­n, three-fourths

Alt + 0215 ....×.....multi­plication sign

Alt + 0162...¢....the­ cent sign

Alt + 0161.....¡.....­.upside down exclamation point

Alt + 0191.....¿.....­upside down question mark

Alt + 1...........smiley face

Alt + 2 ......☻.....bla­ck smiley face

Alt + 15.....☼.....su­n

Alt + 12......♀.....female sign

Alt + 11.....♂......m­ale sign

Alt + 6.......♠.....spade

Alt + 5.......♣......­Club

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How to Activate Administrator Account in Windows 7

Did you know ?

Just Like Windows XP, Windows 7 also has an inbuilt Administrator Account that you have to activate. 
To activate that inbuilt Administrator account just type in the following:

Click on Start menu and type in "cmd"
right click and run as administrator
When the prompt shows up select yes
then type in the code below:
" net user administrator /active:yes " {{do not use the " "}}
then press Enter ... wait for some time and then the administrator account will be enabled.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Convert Your PC as Wifi Hotspot inWindows 7 and Windows 8 -Bestways


If you are one who looking to convert your PC as Wifi Hotspot then you are done.Here in this
article We listed best 2 ways to convert your laptop as Wifi router.Once you turn you PC as
WiFi router you can connect devices such as Android, another laptops etc.

Advantages of converting your laptop to a wifi
> You can Enjoy internet in your wifi devices, any where you want but depend on your laptop wireless range. > Get rid of sitting at one place with wired internet connection. > If you have smart phone then you can get access to internet on your mobile. There are numerous of method to turn your laptop a wifi spot (Windows 7 and 8 only), Such as By command prompt (only in windows 8) and by installing 3rd party software compatible with both.

First Method-
You need to follow below steps care fully in order to make your laptop wifi router successfully.
Step.1: Open run (windows key+R), type ncpa.npl.
Step.2: A new window is in front of you. There select wireless Network adapter and sharing
center and select properties.
Step.3: In wifi properties Select share, followed by Allow Others Network users to connect.
Note - Never Tick 2nd Option.
Step.4: Now Open Command Promote As administrative.
Step.5: You need to copy and paste below command in command prompt. "netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”techbymak” key=”techbymak”"
You will see SSid which is actually your network name, which we are going to create.
Step.6: Now you need to start the network By using below command. "netsh wlan start hostednetwork"

Every thing is done. Now you can observe your laptop is working like a router.
Note: To check How many Devices Are connected to your router you need to enter below
command in command prompt. "netsh wlan show hostednetwork"

This was the first method to make your laptop a router.
Second Method:
We are using a Software in this method to make laptop Wifi router, this method is compatible
with both windows 7 and 8.The name of the software is Virtual Router. Download the software here and install it.( once you downloaded it will come in zip format so extract it)
When you have done all these make sure are connected to the network you want to share and
then launch VirtualRouterPlus.exe.
Remember - Run the .Exe as administrative.
Let's Create A Network.
> In this method we are using Virtual router so it is essential to create a
new network. > It is similar to 1st method, here SSid also means the name of the network
which we are creating, you can enter what you want. > If you want you can enter Password,
it is important to prevent others to use your internet service. > Now here you need to indicate which network is to be shared and then click on start Virtual Router.

I hope you guys like the article and feel useful for you .If you have any problem in above steps
feel free to comment below we ill help you out.

Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today and shared this. Now I'd love to hear from you. Got any views, thoughts and questions related to the post? I'm all ears here. Add your comment.

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites


Here are Top 10 most popular sites to find torrent files:

Everyone who ever heard about Bittorrent surely used The Pirate Bay to find torrents. With Alexa rank of 120 the site is the most popular torrent resource in the internet today.

Torrentz is a meta-search engine for bittorrent files that was created in 2003. Today it's one of
the most popular indexers that is ranked on top positions for mostly all torrent related keywords.
The site crawls 34 trackers and has more then 25.000.000 files in the database.

Rather new search engine for bittorrent files that works similar to Torrentz. The service creates
easy and convenient search through more then 25 trackers at once.

KickassTorrent was launched in 2009 and is one of the most popular tracker sites of today. It
provides download of torrent files for categories like movies, music, software, anime and others.

Extratorrent is another one tracker site with Alexa rank of 352 and millions of visitors daily.
The site provides easy search for torrents through their catalog sorted by categories.

Torlock is a torrent tracker with more then 1.000.000 verified files in the database. The site
offers a good choise of validated torrent files for categories movies, music, games, television,
software, anime, ebooks and others.

Torrentfunk is a popular tracker with about 5.000.000 torrents indexed. The site earned a
good reputation in last years and became one of the favourite sites of every torrent friend.

Bitsnoop is a torrent search engine and tracker in one site that was launched in 2009. The
service offers easy bittorrent search for other sites as also provides .torrent files directly
without redirection. With Alexa of 1915 and PR 5 Bitsnoop is a well ranked resource for torrent
search and download.

Torrentreactor is a popular tracker launched in 2003 that has more then 5.000.000 bittorrent
files in the database.

10. EZTV
EZTV is a niche bittorrent site specializing in TV content only. The majority of visitors like the site for it’s collection of mostly all existed TV series and shows.

Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today and shared this. Now I'd love to hear from you. Got any views, thoughts and questions related to the post? I'm all ears here. Add your comment.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to Make Free Calls From PC to Mobile - Top 5 Best Ways


3Mobile Introduces 'FREE CALLS FOREVER'!

1. Google Voice

It is best way to make free calls form PC to mobile and Mobile to PC.But you can use to make free calls for only US and Canada. If you want to make free calls form any part of world then you will be charged, check the call rates here  

It helps you to not only make free calls but also manage the Phone numbers you have. Means you can create a number that will never change so that you can forward calls to other mobile you have.Interesting right? and not only this you have many other features.

2. Yahoo Messenger

yahoo messenger help you to make free calls from pc to phone.this is just awesome unlike

google voice it works in India also.!! Download and Install latest version of Yahoo Messenger here 

If you have an Yahoo account then fine log in with that in case if you don't have an Yahoo account then sign up for that and then log in with your account.

> Now Click on Yahoo Call and then select Call a Phone number from my PC.
> Now Dial 18003733411 it is a toll free number and wait till your call is connected.
> Just follow the instructions and select the free call option end by saying free call through your microphone.
> Almost done! Now you will here advertisement till your call is connected and then you can here Please Dial Your Number .
> Now Dial Your Number and start enjoying Free calls.

3. iCall

This is one of best applications to make free calls form PC to mobile. It also offers only free calls for the number in USA and Canada Apps available for windows, Mac, Android, Iphone and Linux.

You can call for 5 minutes only after that your call disconnects but you can make call as many times as you want.

This is one of best site i have ever seen. Using this you can make Calls for only India and every

call limit is 2 mins after that it disconnects automatically and you can make 15 calls with 2 mins each.

This is another service to make free calls from PC to Mobile for free.But it also have some

restrictions like other services you can call only for some countries and daily limit of 60 mins.

Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today and shared this. Now I'd love to hear from you. Got any views, thoughts and questions related to the post? I'm all ears here. Add your comment.

Top 7 Free Best SMS Sites to Send Free SMS Online to All Over World


This is a very popular site through which you
can send free message to any mobile number/
network in India.This is popular because of its
fast delivery service and easy to use
interface.Therefore more than 12 million users
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Convert 1GB SD card to 2GB


Can I change 1GB Memory Card to 2GB memory card ??  - You can !!

1 . The algorithm only works on 1GB memory card . Only use 1GB memory card  as much as possible .

2 . Backup all the data on your memory card before using this method.

3 . Now you Download and Open the Software

4.  It displayed with 955MB DEFAULT- in 1GB Memory As said above , so only use 1GB Memory Card.

5.  Now Insert your Memory Card.

6.  Select the FIX option button, and click Yes.

7.  Thats it now all the Data in your Memory Card will be deleted and It will become 2GB.

8.  At last Remove and Fix your Memory Card. It will show as 1912MB.

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How To Reset Cache for Windows 8 App Store

One of the the new features of Windows 8 is the added feature of downloading Windows Store application. Often you might encounter issues where the downloading it stuck half way or when you try to install or update the Windows 8 application, you will stuck somewhere in the middle and nothing really happens . For such cases we can try to clear the App store cache and try again . This work in most of the cases......

Instructions :
  • Go to Windows Modern UI screen
  • Type in "WSReset.exe" in the search bar

  • Click on Run as administrator
  • Windows Store will open and you’ll get a conformation message saying that: The cache for the Store was cleared. You can now browse the Store for apps.

  • It will the take you back to Windows Store. Now try to install or update the apps or download fresh apps and see if it’s working like it should.

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How to Create and Upload Torrent

Here I Show You How To Create & Upload Torrent with Simple Steps!!

Step - 1

Step - 2

Step - 3
Add This Tracker's To Trackers List

Step - 4

Register or Login with thePiratebay.se

Step - 5

Step - 6
When Enter the imdm id note this...don't give full url of imdb linkenter only last 9 letters of the linklike this

Posted Image

Step - 7

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