Saturday, February 22, 2014

UsbFix - Remove Shortcut Virus from your USB Drives

UsbFix, a tool you can't miss, by

Remote memory devices are a major source of viral contamination and it is most important to protect your USB devices from those malware. 
UsbFix is an anti-virus developed by El Desaparecido -

Key Features

  • Irradication of infections: external memory devices are subjected and are the main targets for infections. Malware can damage your device and your precious data which they contain. In case of infection, it is strongly recommended to request assistance from a virus/security contributor in the Virus/Security Forum.
  • Repair: it will erase all infection traces; rehabilitate all security functions such as registry entries, task manager, hidden files and more.
  • Save: although all infections traces are deleted, this software will save all files and folders. Even the registry is saved in C:\UsbFix\Backup before clean-up and deleted files are kept in C:\UsbFix\Quarantine.
  • Prevention against future infections: UsbFix will not only clean infections but will also protect your device by creating autorun.inf files to protect the devices.
  • Deleting infections : We can't do without removable media in everyday life, though they are the main targets for malwares, which can seriously dammage them
    To avoid this danger, there are softwares like UsbFix
    They aim at deleting all infections spreading through removable media
    Repairing : By completely deleting all traces of infections, the program rebuilds the security functions the malware has damaged, such as access to the registry, or task manager or display of hidden files, and many other things
    Backing up : Even if the program suppresses all traces of infections in removable disks, it will back up the user's files and folders. For example the registry is backed up in C:UsbFixBackup before cleaning; and even deleted files are backed up in the quarantine of UsbFix with the extension .vir C:UsbFixQuarantine
    Preventing a future re-infection : UsbFix does not only clean infections, it also prevents future risks : It creates autorun.inf files on drives (removable or not), to protect them from other infections in the future
  • UsbFix Tutorial.

Its efficiency is acknowledged on all helping boards devoted to disinfection
UsbFix has been downloaded more than one million times all over the world
Protect your removable media from malwares with UsbFix !

All infections met by UsbFix are automatically sent to our team of developpers, for quicker and better updates

Minimum system requirements :
Operating system : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
Hard disk drive : 2 MB.


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