Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Create Your Own Character ( Font ) With Windows Bult-in Utility

Windows has a utility known as Private Character Editor which allow as to create character.
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Step 1
To run Private character editor, go to Start>Run and type the following:


or simply type


Private character editor will open , inchoose any of the blank box and click OK.
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Step 2
You’ll be welcomed in Edit window with a grid measuring 50 X 50. Each character that you draw becomes a black and white bitmap (*.bmp) .The drawing art board is simple enough to understand, but it needs some tricky art to draw a character in it. Use the left mouse button to draw in black and the right one to erase it. You can choose several tools from Tools menu, also you can rotate it.

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Step 3.
To Save go to Edit>Save Character or Ctrl+S

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Step 4
Now to go Character Map , Start>All programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map

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Step 5
In Character Map select font type as All Fonts (Private Character) . And then select the created character , after that click copy..

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Step 6
Now paste it notepad , wordpad etc....

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