Thursday, February 20, 2014

Top 3 Ways To Download Web Videos To iPhone For Free

iPhone users ever wanted to save videos from web to your phone ?
Many times there is a situation when one of your friend share some interesting or funny video in their Facebook profiles or send you link of Youtube to take a look of the video. iPhone doesn't provide any default application in iOS for saving web videos for watching them later while you are offline so far. Android users are more happy in this concern because they have number of apps available in Android Market for Downloading Videos From Web but it is not the case with iPhone users. Still there are a few good apps available in iPhone App Store to solve this purpose.

Here I am providing you top 3 Apps for downloading / Saving videos available on web to your iPhone.


For installing Download manager to your iphone , go to the Apple App Store and search for "Video downloader - download manager". Make sure that you include the '-' so the app will appear first in the list of results. There are many other similar apps available in App Store, so if you don't like this one, others work in  the same way.

The app is free to install so you can easily download it in your iphone. There is also a paid-for Pro version of the app, and you will see some pop ups prompting you to upgrade each time you launch this app, but the app continues to perform its job of downloading for you.


Launch the Video Manager app , default Browser of your phone will then open on help page. If you can't see it, swipe down to display the familiar address and search bar. Search for YouTube and then tap the site which you want to select from the list of results.

Tap on the magnifying glass button to search for video on YouTube. When you find the one you want to download, start playing it. As soon as you start playing video you will see a popup message asking you to Download video but in some other versions if you don't see any option for downloading video there would be an option for cache. It will save video to some different folder than downloads.

Video will be downloaded and saved to your phone.


VDownload  app has a built-in web browser where you can download or browse videos from certain websites at the same time. There are two ways to download videos using this app but these methods may vary from one site to another so you have to try both the methods.


While browsing the video , go to the video which you want to download and then tap on the middle button of browser present at bottom of the screen and then click on Save video.


In some websites you wont get the direct option to Save video. To download videos from such sites first you need to Play The Video and then you will get the option of Cache Video To Memory.

You can see your download progress by tapping on the Downloads button. Once it is finished, you can find and watch it under Videos. The videos saved in your phone will be with some Random names but you can simply rename them and save them to your gallery by using option Save To Albums.


MX Tube is another one of the best app for downloading videos from web. The best part is that it is supported by many lower versions of ios as well. This app is able to download videos to your iphone / ipod directly from web.
  • Run the MX Tube in your phone.
  • Search for the video you are looking to download inside this app.
  • Click on the desired video and select the quality in which you want it to be saved in your phone.
  • Once you select the quality , download will start along with a cancel button in case you change your mind.
  • After downloading , to view the video go to Videos tab under this app and enjoy.

I hope atleast one from the above given tricks will work for your iphone / ipod. But if you know some better tricks or apps for doing this task , feel free to comment below.


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