Saturday, February 1, 2014

How to Fix Upside Down Videos in VLC

VLC will fix the upside down video and play it immediately in the media player. Moreover, with VLC, you can use two methods for resolving this glitch. The first one is through the Transform feature and the other one is through Geometry-Rotate.

To start, open the VLC program and click the Tools menu.
tools menu
Next, press Effects and Filters.
effects & filters
The default display is Audio Effects. Hit the Video Effects tab to proceed to the next step.
video effects
Under Video Effects, check the Transform checkbox.
rotate 180
For this illustration, because we want to resolve the upside down video, we will select Rotate by 180 degrees.
You also have an option to rotate the file by 90 or 270 degrees, or flip it horizontally or vertically.
rotate modes
You will see the result immediately. This is the original video.
original video
This is the resolved movie. After the fix, you can continue playing and watching the video.
rotated video
The other way of patching up upside down video using VLC is through the Geometry-Rotate feature.
To access this tool, you still have to click the same commands used in the first method. Go to Tools >Effects and Filters > Video Effects. Instead of going to Basic, browse to the Geometry tab.
Next, check the Rotate checkbox. In here, you can see the Angle needle. This needle will be used to rotate the video according to your preferred angle.
rotate angle
This is the default angle of the video when you enable Geometry’s Rotate feature.
rotate video angle
Move the needle downwards to rotate the upside down movie by 180 degrees.
correct angle
You can see the effect in real-time. This is the result file rotated by the Angle’s needle.
angle rotated
Remember though that VLC’s fix is not permanent. Once you close the file and play it again, you will still see the upside down video.

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