Thursday, February 20, 2014

Add Files To iPhone Without iTunes Using VLC

Apple has always been known for putting restrictions on their users such as bluetooth connectivity availability  iPhone to iPhone only , Sharing files between iPhone and computer on same system where it was initially installed , Requirement of iTunes software for transfer of music between your iphone and computer etc. Nobody in this world want to live in any kind of restrictions. If you own a phone then it should work completely as you want it to work. Although it is not possible to remove all the restrictions from iPhone because developers of iOS firmware are very strictly concerned about the security of your iPhone and do not allow any app to take control over it and bypass the limits of apple still , there are some tricks which enable users some more functionality other than their default functions. Here I am going to reveal a similar trick by using which you can add your files to VLC Media player without using iTunes.

Sometimes there is a situation when you are at your friend's home and there is some good video song in his computer which you want in your iPhone but there is no iTunes installed in his computer , Now what to do ?
So the best solution to all such kind of problems is switch to VLC.


1. Firstly you need to have the VLC media player installed on your iOS device and also on the system from where you want the share the data .

2. Open the VLC for iPhone app and click on the button situated at the top left corner of the app as shown in following screenshot :

3. When you click on top left button , you will see a several options. Now , turn the WIfi Upload button ON and carefully note of the IP address and port combination the app assigns you.

4. Up to this step , you are all done with set up on your phone. Now open the browser in your computer and enter exactly the IP address with the Port number in the address bar which you have noted down earlier.

5. So this is the last step , here you just need to Drag and Drop the media file which you want to save in your phone  in this browser window and the file will be transferred to your iPhone within a few seconds depending on the size of file. 

So this was probably the most easiest and convenient way for transferring files between a computer without iTunes and your iPhone.


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