Friday, February 21, 2014

How to auto-publish your Google+ posts to Twitter, Facebook and Myspace

If you use multiple social networks, and are trying to incorporate your Google+ posts automatically to other platforms like Twitter, Facebook or even Myspace, you can do it. Sit back and relax, as you post from Google+ and let it auto-feed to your other networks with this new super easy solution.

The solution comes in the form of RSS, from a post by Mike Elgan on Computer World. Mike was one of the first to jump head first into Google+ when they launched, asking his blog, Facebook and Twitter followers to Circle him on Google+. He is an anamoly, because majority of users are still are on Facebook, Twitter and even some are on Myspace still, and many do not exclusively publish from Google+.
If you are like me and want to integrate your Google+ posts to your other social networks, here are the steps you will want to take to make it happen. It’s not that difficult in retrospect. If you have problems, let me know if the comments.
Getting started 
You will need a Feedburner (RSS Feed generator, which is owned by Google) account, it’s free. Once you have a Feedburner account, go to this Google+ feed generator site:

Login, it’s safe, and authenticate who you are and you will be provided with an RSS feed for your Google+ account. Currently, Google+ doesn’t have an RSS feed option, so you have to do it this way for now. It will look like this after you authenticate:

After creating a URL that is compatible with RSS, go to your Feedburner account and paste the new RSS feed URL (show above /atom/) to where it says: Burn a feed right this instant

Continue on, and follow the prompts and it will say Congratulations, your feed is now live. Then click on “Skip directly to feed management”. Here is where you can create a feed into Twitter, Facebook and Myspace using the Feedburner RSS feed you just created.

Auto-feed Google+ posts into Twitter
You will want to click on the Publicize tab within Feedburner and then on the left click on Socilize, as shown below. You can adjust additional information, such as title only, add words to the tweets, etc. Then click Activate at the bottom of this page below. After this step, you are now set up to auto-feed your Google+ posts directly into Twitter.

Auto-feed Google+ posts to Facebook
You can use the RSS Graffiti app on Facebook, which will utilize the Feedburner RSS feed you created above. To do it, search for RSS Graffiti on Facebook, as shown below.

Select and authorize the app, it’s safe. Then you will need to fill out the details including the Google+ RSS feed URL (show above /atom/) you created in Feedburner, entering it in the app creating an auto-feed to Facebook. Once you do this, you are done and updates will soon begin to post to Facebook from Google+.

Auto-feed posts to Myspace
It won’t be the same as the Facebook sync to Google+ since Myspace doesn’t support RSS feeds. However, Myspace does have Facebook sync, and adding a sync from Facebook to Myspace will work when your RSS Graffiti Google+ posts show up as shown above. To create the Facebook to Myspace sync, simply go to your Myspace account settings and click on 3rd party sync and configure the sync there.

With this one time setup, you can publish to all four platforms with ease.


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