Thursday, February 20, 2014

Recover Lost Contacts In iPhone

Nobody want to lose their data saved in phone. Whether it is some multimedia file like audio , video , pictures or important documents like their Contacts , Notes , Official documents , Bookmarks. Everything is just equally important to the user. But as technology is very unpredictable and prone to errors , sometimes there is a situation when your phone stop functioning properly and you might lose all data stored in it. For such situations it is always necessary to keep backup of your important data on some other secondary storage device or in your computer.

There are a few methods to save your data from being lost and also to recover it , in case you lose it.
Here I am sharing with you best ways for doing so.


By using iTunes , you can recover your lost contacts in few simple steps but only if you have created a backup of your phone earlier. So to get back your contacts just follow these steps :
  •  Run iTunes on your computer
  •  Connect your iPhone to computer and sync it normally as you always do
  •  At the left pane in iTunes application window , locate your iphone under Devices column
  •  Now right click on the iPhone icon if you are a windows OS user or press crtl and click if you are MAC user and then select Restore From Backup.
  •  Select one of the Backup version from the Drop down menu & Click on Restore button. It will restore all contacts in your phone since the last sync.
  • Now you may disconnect your phone and check if contacts are restored.


This is the method of recovering your contacts from Archive file of address book. For doing this :
  • Open the Address book application from the File menu & select Import and then Address book archive.This will import most previous archive of your contacts.
  • Now simply Import contacts from backups by navigating to the Application support / Address book folder of your most recent backup.
  • To verify that if it contains your contacts , Open this folder and copy your address book folder and paste it to same path in your computer then it will ask to replace some folders and files , do it . This will restore the data in your computer.


If you are not much familiar with using above mentioned manual procedures for recovery , you need not to worry because there are several specialized automated softwares available over internet for performing recovery for you. Dr Fone from Wondershare is one of the best recovery software available today and you can try it to solve your purpose. The best part is your phone dont need to be rooted to use this software and it comes with a user friendly and attractive interface which makes your work much easier.It is available for both WIndows and Mac users.

Windows users may download it from here : DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS

Mac users may download it from here : DOWNLOAD FOR MAC


1. Download and Install Dr. Fone from links mentioned above and run it in your computer.
2. It provides two modes for recover i.e. Recovery from iTunes file & Recovery From ios File
3. Choose the mode for recovery and connect your phone to computer.
4. To recover from ios device
  • Hold your iphone in one hand and click on Start button of Dr fone software.
  • Press and hold Power and Home button of your phone simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds release the Power button but keep on holding the Home button until you see message of successfully detection of your phone.
  • Now it will list all the data of your phone including contacts.
  • You may preview and recover the contacts now.
I hope the above information will help you to recover your lost contacts back to your phone. It is always recommended to keep a backup of all your necessary data to some safe place.


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