Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Top 5 Pay Per Install ( PPI ) Affiliate Networks

A few months back, one of friends suggested me to start a software downloading blog and to monetize it through any pay per install affiliate network. My friend told me about his earnings which were impressing. He was earning big with his downloading blog.After getting inspiration from his earnings, I started a shareware blog and then started searching for some highest paying PPI affiliate networks. After a thorough research, I found 5 networks which satisfied me. Today I’m sharing 5 best of these pay per install programs with you which will earn big for you.

1. SkyMonetizer
Skymonetizer is among the best PPI affiliate programs which pay the highest in market. The goodness of SkyMonetizer, it gives good rates for Indian and Pakistani traffic too while other pay per install networks keep the rates comparatively lower for the traffic generated from these two countries. If your downloading blog is receiving good traffic from India and Pakistan, SkyMonetizer must be your only choice. Minimum payout limit at SkyMonetizer is $50 and payments are made twice a month. Signup at SkyMonetizer

2. OneInstaller
Once installer is the second best PPI affiliate network which I have tested and it also earns good for you. The only disadvantage of the affiliate network is its comparatively high payout limit which is $200. For small publishers, the limit may take long to reach. Learn more here, how to monetize your software downloading blog with OneInstaller.

3. RevenYou
RevenYou is yet another useful platform which is specifically developed for software and application developers. After registering at RevenYou, upload your application and then get the truncated download link for the uploaded .exe file. Now promote the link on your blog or website. You will be paid for every install and rates are good for almost all countries.
At present, the maximum file allowed to be uploaded is 50MB. If you have some bigger files, you need to contact the RevenYou support. They will upload the file to their server and will provide you with download link. Payments are made on net 30 basis.

4. OptimumInstaller
Yet another high paying pay per install program is OptimumInstaller where you can provide your .exe files after your account is created. Once you will provide them with your .exe setup files, the OptimumInstaller staff will integrate your downloads with their downloader and will provide you with the download link for the files.

5. Conduit’s Pay Per Install Program
Conduit is also running a Pay Per Install program which allows you to monetize your software downloading blog or your applications. If above programs don’t satisfy you, you can giveConduit’s pay per install program a try.
So this was my list of 5 top paying pay per install (PPI) affiliate networks which are dominating their industry today. Do you know about any other high paying PPI program? Don’t forget to share with us in comments.

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