Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fix Desynchronized Video and Audio with VLC

There are few things more aggravating than trying to watch a video whose audio is about one second too slow. Here's a quick fix for the problem in VLC.

You should use VLC Media Player to do that. I'll list the steps below,

01. Go to Tools -> Track Synchronization.

02. Beside the label called "Audio track synchronization", must be a timer.
If the audio is delayed, type the gap between the lip-sync(in seconds) and put a -(minus) before the time. (It should look like -1.000, if the delay is 1sec.)

If the audio is hastened, just type the number of seconds without minus sign.

03. Then check whether it's synchronized properly or not. If not succeeded, then adjust the time.

Note: 1.567 = 1 -> Seconds; 567 -> milliseconds. The period(.) is really important if the audio sync time differs in milliseconds.


while playing in VLC
press K   ( for 1 sec delay 1000MS )

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