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Top 10 Pay Per Download ( PPD ) Web sites

The following top 10 pay per download (ppd) sites listed here are the most trusted and high paying legitimate ppd sites currently online. So if you are looking for the top 10 ppd websites then you are in the right place.

Here I listed the top 10 best innovative pay per download sites with great features that can dwarf earning potential of Google adsense. With this great ppd sites you can monetise your file or entire websites and earn an average of $1 per visitor who gain access to your website or file. Although the least you can earn from them per visitor is $0.3, but if you have traffic from USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRIA then you will earn at least $1 per visitor. If you have 1000 visitors per day to your website or file from the above mentioned countries then you will be making more than $1000 per day.

With the top 1 and 4 ppd websites listed below you can monetise your whole or part of your website by placing a code in your site so that anybody that visit your site will have to fill a small survey before proceeding to your content. And each survey pay at least $1 for the above countries and $0.3 for other countries. That is a lot of money if you have at least 1000 visitors per day to your site or file.

Top 10 ppd websites

Top 1: Dollaruploadz
Dollarupload is a nice pay per download site with great features among the top 10 pay per download sites. You can upload file on their site or anywhere and still earn with them. And the best of all is that you can monetise your entire website or blog by placing their code on your website and get paid each time a visitor gain access to your site. If you have a gaming site, video site, ebook site, coupon or template site etc then this method is for you. You can earn up $1000 with the code on your site. I use this on two of my video and gaming site and I make at least $300 per day using link locker. If you promote your link on YouTube or Facebook with a lot of visitors you will be making a hell of money here. Their minimum payout is $10 and payment methods are direct bank deposit, bank wire, paypal, payza, check, skril, debit card, payquicker and solidtrustpay. You have the option of activating instant pay

Top 2: Sharecash
Sharecash is one of the top ppd sites with a revolutionary feature that pays you cash every time your files are downloaded. Upload your files and promote them anywhere on the internet. Visitor complete quick surveys to Download the files and you are paid. The minimum cashout is $10 via paypal, payza, check and bank deposit. This is the most popular ppd site online

Top 3: uploadee
Uploadee is one of the best pay per download sites. You have to upload files on to their site and direct people to them. They have been online for 2 years now. Like other ppd sites. You will have to upload your file onto their website and then send visitors to them. The minimum payout is $10 and the payment methods are paypal, payza and check. They are very sincere and very easy to make money with.

Top 4:
Fileleads pay the average rate around $5,000 for 1000 downloads. You can earn on average anywhere between 1 dollars up to 50 dollars for each user who gains access to your content depending on what country the user is coming from and the offer selected. Most leads pay from around 1 dollar for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Other countries vary between 1- 2 dollars usually.

Top 5: Dreamcash
Dreamcash is one of the top 10 ppd sites with high population of members. You can make money with them by uploading your file on to the site. Dreamcash pays their members the average of $0.07-$0.90 per download which comes out to an average of $700-$900 per 1000 downloads. You will also earn 30% commission when your visitor buys a premium account for downloads. The unique thing about Dreamcash is that you don’t need to upload all your files, unlike the other pay per download sites, just copy and paste the link on Dreamcash and the content locker will be created immediately. The minimum payout is 10 dollar and payment methods are paypal, alertpay, check, wire, ETF.

Top 6: Clutchfiles
Clutchfile Is one of the top legitimate ppd sites on the top 10 pay per download sites with quick respond to their members need. Since they are new, they have events running every single month. Such as increased rates, lowered payout limit, and increased referral rates are some of the things you can expect to see. Visitors may also choose to share your file via twitter and Facebook on the Downloading page which can turn that one potential download into hundreds or even thousands. The minimum cashout is $10 via check, bank wire, payza, paypal, and Google check.

Top 7: shareflecash
Shareflecash Is a new pay per download site among the top 10 ppd sites with high quality innovation and incentives. They have being online for a very long time with well organized features. Members earn money by uploading files on the site and sharing their links. The minimum payout is $10 which can be cashout via paypal, payza, check and bank deposit.

Top 8: Cash share
Cashshare Is a ppd site with high quality innovation among the top 10 pay per download sites. It is the best alternative to sharecash with new features and unpassable download system. Members can upload their file on their site and share files over internet like forums, blogs, social network etc. They operate bi-weekly payment methods via paypal, payza, bank wire and the minimum payout is $5.00.

Top 9:Sharegate
Shargate is a well organized pay per download site on the list of top 10 ppd sites with 24/7 support. Members can get paid per download a visitor makes. They offer nice pay per download and also give members great tools, tutorial and support to make their earnings in no time. Simply signup, upload your file on the site and allow the cash rolling. The minimum cashout is $10 via check, bank wire, payza, paypal, and check.

Top 10: Purebites
Purebites Is one of the top paying ppd sites among the top 10 pay per download sites. It is exactly like dollarupload and has the same great features. It is a revolutionary ppd site using one of the best converting incentive surveys. They have all the tools you need to make money with ppd such as file, locker, link locker and their gate way system. You can lock any webpage you own. They also provide their members with an ultimate uploading system, works very well with multiple upload. You will see all your statistics on their analytic tool. It just just like the above mentioned ppd sites. The minimum payout is $10 via paypal, payza, check and bank deposit. Do not miss out on these top three sites, they are must join

We have been able to list to you the top 10 legitimate and high paying ppd sites. Now is the time to jump into action and start making money with them. And we hope they will be of great help to you.

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