Thursday, November 7, 2013

8 ways to access blocked Websites

1. Using IP instead of URL

2. Redirection with short URL service

3. Google cache

Search engines like Google and Yahoo cache webpages and these cached pages are stored in
search engines themselves, which likely will be added to the blocked list. Click on the ‘cache’ will
bring you to a cache version of the page, as updated as how Google caches it.

4. Internet Archive – Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a internet service that periodically keeps a copy of almost all websites in
the Internet way from the date they’re started. Clicking on the latest copy of what Wayback Machine have should be somewhat similar to the real site.

5. Anonymous surfing

6. Use Proxy in Browsers

7. Bypass with translation services

Use Google translate. Open Google translate ,type the URL and translate page.

8. Retrieve web pages via Email

Web2Mail is a free service that sends websites you want to read right into your inbox. All you need to
do is send an email to with the URL as subject title.

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