Friday, November 29, 2013

5 Best File Manager Apps for Android

With the rate at which high end smart phones are being introduced in the market, it becomes important to have an efficient file manager in the device as well. File managers help in keeping the internal memory of your device clean. It is the duty of a file manager app to take care of actions such as copying, renaming, deleting and moving files. Also,
it is true that the default file managers present in the Android devices are not sufficient enough to carry out all the tasks.

Hence, there is need for custom made File Manager Apps for all your devices.
So, here i have listed 5 of the best file manager apps for your Android devices.

1. Total Commander :

Total Commander is a pretty known
name in the list of file managers. It is very efficient in carrying out a number of functions such as copy, delete, rename and move folders/ files. Using it, you can also drag and drop icons by long pressing them. Zipping and unzipping, creation of directories, built- in text editors, etc. are some of the few important features of the Total Commander File manager app. You can also send files via Bluetooth.
Configurable bookmarks and button bars are another attraction of this app.

2. ES File Explorer :

It is yet another free and fully featured file manager app for all your Android devices. The ES File Explorer app is function rich and offers a variety of services provided by different apps.
Some of the apps whose features are included in it are Task Killer, Application Manager, FTP client, Cloud Storage client and LAN Samba client among others.
It also provides access to music, photos, videos, documents and other files present on your Android powered devices. No matter where the users are, this app helps them to manage their resources from anywhere and everywhere.

3. Xplore File Manager :

The features and services that come with this file manager app are as vast as its name. It gives you the facility of Cloud Storage Access for Box, DropBox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, Yandex, 4Sync, Ubuntu
and Copy among others. It also comes with a built- in viewer for viewing your videos, texts, pictures and other documents. Multi selection, configurable key shortcuts and buttons are some of the highlights of this file manager app.

4. File Wrangler :

File Wrangler serves as the best file
manager for devices running on the
Android platform. There are two file
browser panes, drag and drop navigation scheme and bookmarks for files and folders available with this app. Also, it supports zipping and unzipping of ZIP and TAR file archives. This file manager
app offers one of the best layouts for all Android devices including smart phones and tablets.

5. AirDroid File Manager :

The AirDroid File Manager app allows you to move things on and off from your Android device even when there is no other device near it, that too without a USB cable. As the name suggests, it helps us to manage our Android device
via air even from a simple desk web
You can now send and receive messages from your PC without the awkwardness of working from a smaller screen. Apart from this, you can also locate your Android device in case it gets stolen/ lost. If that is not possible, you can simply wipe off all the data from your device.

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