Monday, February 24, 2014

Remove Write Protection From Pendrive and Memory Card – How to Guide


Don’t you just hate it when you buy a Pendrive or a Memory card and there’s nothing you can do to it? Whether it comes with software on it, or you’re just trying to use it for any other purpose, you should have the right to change things up however you like.
In this guide, you will be shown how to Remove Write Protection From Pendrive and Memory Card. It’s a fairly simple process, so be sure to follow each and every step carefully. This guide is for information purposes and we are not responsible for anything that may happen to your device in the process.
Before we proceed, what is Write protection exactly? Write Protection is when the manufacturer locks the device down from being written on and prevents unauthorized access to add, change or delete the files on the device. While the uses of write protection is a good thing because it prevent files from being tampered with and the manufacturer can make sure all users are getting the same files, but it’s also very inconvenient. To remove this protection, to you will need to format the drive.
In this guide, I will show you exactly how to do that. Follow each and every step carefully, please. Windows platform is used for the purpose of this guide.

How to Remove Write Protection From Pendrive ?

Step 1: Plug in your pendrive into your USB 2.0 on your computer. In order to make sure the computer has read your pendrive, you can go down to your bottom left on Windows, you will notice a small USB drive icon. If you click that, it will say “Removable Disk.” This means that the pendrive has been read successfully.  You can take a backup of your files from the pendrive or Memory card, Because we here are going to format it Completely.
Step 2: Next we need to open up command prompt. You can do this by simply going to “Start”, then just search for “Command Prompt”, or you can simply just type in “cmd” and command prompt should pop up.
Step 3: In the command prompt, type in the drive letter of your pen drive with a colon at the end, like this: “ F: ” but without the quotation marks.
Step 4: After putting in the previous command, type in “format” without the quotation marks. Here’s how to do it: “format F:” and then press “Enter.”
This should get the process started to remove write protection. Make sure that you are entering the right command with the right drive letter. If you have more than one pen drive plugged in, make sure that you do select the right one as you can accidentally format the wrong drive, causing loss of data.
Step 5: After the process is complete, proceed to closing command prompt.
Congratulations! You’re successfully removed the write protection on your drive.
If you have any questions or concerns, please write them in the comments section below. Let us know how we did and how things went for you.

Customize folders with different colors in Windows


There are many softwares available today over the internet which can Customize your Computer in an efficient manner that it looks so attractive as well as it becomes very easy to use. We always want our computer to be clean and well organized so that whenever we need to access something or need to search a particular file/folder in our computer we could find it easily.
As similar to that, here I am going to share a software through which you can easily assign your favorite colors to your desired folders in order to differentiate them easily and to ease of access.

How do i Customize folders with different colors ?

Just follow the two simple steps given below to customize your folder :

Step 1 :

First of all Download and install the software FolderColorizer. It is tested and 100% virus free. You can download it from here : DOWNLOAD FOLDERCOLORIZER

Step 2 :

Now after installing the software, simply right click on any folder which you wish to customize. Here when you right click on folder, you will see a new option in the context menu i.e. Colorize !. Now simply go to that option and one submenu will appear. Now choose any color you want to assign to this folder.
Although it is a free software for everyone to use it but while you will use this software for the very first time , it will just ask your email id for activation of this software. But no need to worry because you wont need to confirm the activation by logging in to your e mail account. Even if you don’t wish to share your e mail id with developers of this software you can do it because product will be activated automatically once you enter any email id. So you can also enter any fake id if you want.
For your convenience I am providing you a screenshot of above mentioned procedure for changing folder color :
Customize folders with different Colors
In this way you will be able to easily organize folders in any of your drive weather C: , D: or any other drive. You can also assign different colors to several folders in the same drive to give it more attractive and cool looks.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

FakeOFF - Facebook fake friends finder


                                            Real-Time Scam protection!

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As parents we want our children to always be safe, but we can't control their online activity at all times. With FakeOFF you can protect them in real-time from fake profiles and scams that are hidden among their friends.

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Online scams come in many forms, many of them can really put your life in danger. No one wants to connect with scammers and think they are new friends.

Why is that so important
Fake profiles look very real to the untrained eye. They post, chat and upload photos almost as if they were real friends, but for completely different reasons; They can be clever ads and marketing techniques, social-media savvy burglars who wait for you to check-in away from home, sex offenders on the prowl, psychopaths with personality issues and more...
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UsbFix - Remove Shortcut Virus from your USB Drives


UsbFix, a tool you can't miss, by

Remote memory devices are a major source of viral contamination and it is most important to protect your USB devices from those malware. 
UsbFix is an anti-virus developed by El Desaparecido -

Key Features

  • Irradication of infections: external memory devices are subjected and are the main targets for infections. Malware can damage your device and your precious data which they contain. In case of infection, it is strongly recommended to request assistance from a virus/security contributor in the Virus/Security Forum.
  • Repair: it will erase all infection traces; rehabilitate all security functions such as registry entries, task manager, hidden files and more.
  • Save: although all infections traces are deleted, this software will save all files and folders. Even the registry is saved in C:\UsbFix\Backup before clean-up and deleted files are kept in C:\UsbFix\Quarantine.
  • Prevention against future infections: UsbFix will not only clean infections but will also protect your device by creating autorun.inf files to protect the devices.
  • Deleting infections : We can't do without removable media in everyday life, though they are the main targets for malwares, which can seriously dammage them
    To avoid this danger, there are softwares like UsbFix
    They aim at deleting all infections spreading through removable media
    Repairing : By completely deleting all traces of infections, the program rebuilds the security functions the malware has damaged, such as access to the registry, or task manager or display of hidden files, and many other things
    Backing up : Even if the program suppresses all traces of infections in removable disks, it will back up the user's files and folders. For example the registry is backed up in C:UsbFixBackup before cleaning; and even deleted files are backed up in the quarantine of UsbFix with the extension .vir C:UsbFixQuarantine
    Preventing a future re-infection : UsbFix does not only clean infections, it also prevents future risks : It creates autorun.inf files on drives (removable or not), to protect them from other infections in the future
  • UsbFix Tutorial.

Its efficiency is acknowledged on all helping boards devoted to disinfection
UsbFix has been downloaded more than one million times all over the world
Protect your removable media from malwares with UsbFix !

All infections met by UsbFix are automatically sent to our team of developpers, for quicker and better updates

Minimum system requirements :
Operating system : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
Hard disk drive : 2 MB.

Friday, February 21, 2014

How to auto-publish your Google+ posts to Twitter, Facebook and Myspace


If you use multiple social networks, and are trying to incorporate your Google+ posts automatically to other platforms like Twitter, Facebook or even Myspace, you can do it. Sit back and relax, as you post from Google+ and let it auto-feed to your other networks with this new super easy solution.

The solution comes in the form of RSS, from a post by Mike Elgan on Computer World. Mike was one of the first to jump head first into Google+ when they launched, asking his blog, Facebook and Twitter followers to Circle him on Google+. He is an anamoly, because majority of users are still are on Facebook, Twitter and even some are on Myspace still, and many do not exclusively publish from Google+.
If you are like me and want to integrate your Google+ posts to your other social networks, here are the steps you will want to take to make it happen. It’s not that difficult in retrospect. If you have problems, let me know if the comments.
Getting started 
You will need a Feedburner (RSS Feed generator, which is owned by Google) account, it’s free. Once you have a Feedburner account, go to this Google+ feed generator site:

Login, it’s safe, and authenticate who you are and you will be provided with an RSS feed for your Google+ account. Currently, Google+ doesn’t have an RSS feed option, so you have to do it this way for now. It will look like this after you authenticate:

After creating a URL that is compatible with RSS, go to your Feedburner account and paste the new RSS feed URL (show above /atom/) to where it says: Burn a feed right this instant

Continue on, and follow the prompts and it will say Congratulations, your feed is now live. Then click on “Skip directly to feed management”. Here is where you can create a feed into Twitter, Facebook and Myspace using the Feedburner RSS feed you just created.

Auto-feed Google+ posts into Twitter
You will want to click on the Publicize tab within Feedburner and then on the left click on Socilize, as shown below. You can adjust additional information, such as title only, add words to the tweets, etc. Then click Activate at the bottom of this page below. After this step, you are now set up to auto-feed your Google+ posts directly into Twitter.

Auto-feed Google+ posts to Facebook
You can use the RSS Graffiti app on Facebook, which will utilize the Feedburner RSS feed you created above. To do it, search for RSS Graffiti on Facebook, as shown below.

Select and authorize the app, it’s safe. Then you will need to fill out the details including the Google+ RSS feed URL (show above /atom/) you created in Feedburner, entering it in the app creating an auto-feed to Facebook. Once you do this, you are done and updates will soon begin to post to Facebook from Google+.

Auto-feed posts to Myspace
It won’t be the same as the Facebook sync to Google+ since Myspace doesn’t support RSS feeds. However, Myspace does have Facebook sync, and adding a sync from Facebook to Myspace will work when your RSS Graffiti Google+ posts show up as shown above. To create the Facebook to Myspace sync, simply go to your Myspace account settings and click on 3rd party sync and configure the sync there.

With this one time setup, you can publish to all four platforms with ease.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to change System Font in iOS 7 with BytaFont 2


One of the coolest things you can do after jailbreaking your iOS device is change the system font.
So it was great to see BytaFont updated to version 2 for iOS 7 and 64-bit A7 chip.
BytaFont 2 is free jailbreak tweak that allows you change the system font on your jailbroken iOS device, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:
Installing BytaFont 2:
  • Launch Cydia
  • Tap on the Search tab, and search for BytaFont 2
  • Tap on BytaFont 2 from the search results (not BytaFont as that is not compatible with iOS 7)
  • Tap on Install, followed by the Confirm button.
Installing Font:
By default, BytaFont doesn’t include any fonts, you need to download them from Cydia.
  • Launch Cydia, and tap on the Sections tab.
  • Scroll down to Fonts (BytaFont 2)
  • Now you can install any font that are available in this sub-section  [note that only the fonts under this sub-section are compatible with BytaFont 2]
  • For the purpose of this tutorial, I select the Neuropol Font from the list, which is one of my favorite fonts.
  • Tap on Install, followed by the Confirm button.

Change Font:
That’s it, the font has been installed. All you need to do is select the font you’ve installed using BytaFont 2.
  • So launch BytaFont 2 from the Home screen
  • Tap on the Basic tab

  • Here you should see Neuropol as one of the options.
  • Tap on it. It will prompt you if you’re sure you want to proceed.
  • Tap on the Yes button. This will respring your device.
After the respring, you should see the font has been applied on your iOS device as you can see below.
Lock Screen Before (left), After (right)

Home screen Before (left), After (right)
Alternatively, check the video walk through where we show you how to change the system font:

You have the option to change the font in some of the stock apps such as Camera, iBooks and the keyboard via the Advanced tab.
If you want to revert back to the default font, you need to select BytaFont Backup in the BytaFont 2 app or uninstall the tweak. The More tab allows you to apply Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew and Thai fonts.
BytaFont v2 is localized in Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese.
If you’re on iOS 6, then you can install BytaFont (v1.7.1) to change the system font.
Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

Top 5 Apps For Apple iOS


Although there are tons of apps in Apple's app store and hundreds of new apps are emerging everyday and being updated on app store , some of the apps are there which you just cant ignore for your iPhone. Everyone is looking for apps that is easy to use , having good and attractive interface , user friendly and most importantly solve the purpose of the user.

Here I am going to provide you Top 5 Apps for your iphone that you will fall in love with.


If you are concerned about security of your device and dont want to let anyone else use your smartphone then this app is for you. Apple gives you option to encrypt your device by using password encryption method. But many times there are people who try to guess your password and access your phone and here the work of iCoughtU Pro starts. In case if your phone is misplaced , and an unauthorized individual tries to enter the password incorrectly then iCaughtU Pro takes a photograph with the front-facing camera of your phone and sends the image, along with location details and a map to a specified user via SMS or email.


VSCO Cam is more feature packed than rival Instagram. If you are active at social networking sites and regularly keep updating your pics and profile display pic with added effects in it then this app can do a lot for you.With a myriad of filters and presets, control over white balance and exposure along with the ability to import and export at full resolution, this app is definitely great support for you.


Splyce is an attractive and stylish music player app for your iphone loaded with multipurpose features like  Selecting similar songs automatically through BPM and other visual clues, the app will create playlists and even capable of mixing the tracks together for you which gives a feel like a real life DJ in your pocket. It enhances music players capabilities and turns on the DJ inside you.


Rise is a sweet app that comes in front of your eyes at the beginning of the day i.e. early morning. It is the first app you see when you start your day and so it is designed in a delighted way with soft glows, spreading colours and gesture based interface. Rise is about as soothing as you’re going get with an app intent on waking you up from a peaceful sleep. If you’re not a fan of waking up to a harsh beep, Rise lets you set some of your tunes instead and you can use it as a bedside clock thanks to the night-mode.


IntelliScreenX is the updated version of Intelliscreen. The user can browse through all the critical data on their iPhone's Slide to Unlock screen. The new version includes a calendar, email access, text messages, news stories, Facebook, Twitter, weather reports, QuickView/Preview of email and is completely integrated into iOS Notification Center. By using this app you dont even need to unlock your phone to access some of your basic functions of your phone.

I have tried to cover 5 different categories of apps that are used for several different purposes most widely used by iPhone users. If you wish to know about any app for specialized category feel free to comment below or contact us anytime.