Friday, May 1, 2015

The Peel is the Only iPhone Case You’ll Ever Need by Daniel Ors

Apple has roared through the market in a big way this year, with a string of solid releases culminating in the incredibly successful iPhone 6. Even though Android still commands a majority of the smartphone market, it is important to remember that Google's operating system functions on a plethora of devices, spreading the sale numbers for individual devices over hundreds of models. iOS, however, works on only one phone, which is why iPhones have become ubiquitous additions to everyday life. And, with one device responsible for so much of our lives and entertainment, safety has become a major concern. While big, bulky cases do promise security, many of them sacrifice accessibility, requiring users to take them apart in order to access USB or headphone ports. Enter Peel’s iPhone case.


Peel earns its name as it is so thin that in order to take it off, you literally have to peel the case apart from the body of the phone. The thickness of the case is a miniscule 0.35 mm. It is easily the thinnest case available, and, unlike many sleek and stylish designs, it doesn't sacrifice accessibility. Ports are kept unblocked while the Peel is on. The Peel was designed to accentuate the iPhones thin design, a thinness that is perhaps most evident on the new iPhone 6, which is the sleekest design yet. Those who love the thin and comfortable feel of the naked iPhone will hate to transform it into a blocky behemoth for the sake of safety. That's where the peel comes in. The Peel comes in a number of colors to match different iPhone models, and reviewers note the pleasant texture and finish of the case. Another major draw for consumers is that the Peel is completely free of branding. Thus, the Peel owner doesn't need to feel like they're being turned into a medium for promoting the case manufacturer’s brand visibility.

The Peel case is designed with style in mind, but it doesn't quite perform like a blocky case when it comes to safety. Peel is meant to protect the phone from minor falls and scratches, which, for the average iPhone owner, are the greatest threat to the integrity of the phone. However, for those who are prone to clumsiness, or those who try to bring their phone on rugged adventures, the Peel is not recommended. Typically, in this instance the owner must face reality and choose safety over feel.

Peel is now well-established within the iPhone case markets, so there are now many different models and choices for the consumer. The Peel case can be found for the iPhone 5C, the iPhone 5/S, the iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the iPhone 6. Older cases can also be found for the iPhone 4. Colors include black, gold, and white. Black is solid, but with a gold and silver case, a bit of the Apple logo shows through the translucent case. It's a discreet option for those looking to protect their phone from minor accidents without sacrificing on style and identity.




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