Friday, May 1, 2015

Best Tech-Based Superheroes: By Jason Edelman

Superheros are all the rage. There are no shortage of comics, TV shows, and films related to superheroes, from the Avengers to The Flash.  Many superheroes are deeply ingrained in the world of tech.  Here are a few of the most tech-focused superheroes, who wouldn’t be fighting crime anywhere near as well, without the use of technology.

Cliff Secord, is a WWII-era aviator, who comes across a jetpack (designed by Howard Hughes no less), and uses it to fight crime. It may sound hokey, but that’s kind of the point--the whole thing is an homage to the 1930s serial characters. The art-deco style is a blast for moviegoers and readers of the original comic book Cliff might only have one piece of “tech,” but it is so much fun. That helmet is kind of awesome as well.

Natasha Romanoff, the Marvel Comics superspy, made famous by the ever-excellent Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Black Widow, is essentially  the female, Russian version of James Bond. Natasha has her skills, and a bevy of slick gadgets, such as her Widow’s Bite gauntlets at her disposal. One of the toughest, and coolest characters in the Marvel universe, Natasha always relies on her skills and her trusty tech to get the job done.

The name kind of says it all. Victor ‘Vic’ Stone was a football star, before a fateful accident left him horribly injured. His father, prominent scientist Silas Stone, saved his son’s life by fusing his body with technological prototypes of his own creation. Vic used his new tech-based abilities as a superhero, and was a founding member of the Justice League, a team that includes  Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. Cyborg is always receiving updates and his gadget-filled body always has the right tool for every situation.  

“I am Iron Man.” Tony Stark revealed to the world at the end of the first Iron Man film. A few films, comics, and billions of dollars in box office gross later, it’s hard to imagine anyone not knowing who Iron Man was. Brilliant inventor/industrialist Tony Stark, saves his own life by building a suit of armor and escaping his captors, using the suit’s capabilities. Tony is always creating new suits of armor for unique situations (fighting the Hulk, space travel) and each one has cooler toys. Robert Downey Jr. might be the star of the Iron Man film series, but really, what would it be without those awesome feats of engineering, his suits of armor?

Because no one personifies the dark brooding hero better than the Dark Knight. Batman happens to have on superpowers of his own, and relies on his strength, intelligence and trusty gadgets to fight crime. What would Batman be without all those “wonderful toys,” as the Joker once queried. From the Batarang to the Batmobile, Batman will always be known for his sheer awesomeness and his cool tech. Just stay off the roads in Gotham City if you hear the Batmobile coming your way.

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