Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Double Driver - Used to view which drivers are installed in your system and can backup the drivers

Double Driver screenshot 1 - The main window allows you to explore all the drivers installed on your computer.

View which drivers are installed in your system and you can backup the drivers you choose, save and print the drivers list

Double Driver is a system tool you can use to detect, backup and restore your computer's drivers. This will surely be handy in case these vital files become corrupted, infected, or if they are accidentally removed.

This is a portable product, so that means there is no installation kit, simply extract the archive and run the program. It also means that you can copy the software onto a storage device and use it on any computer.

The user interface is minimalistic, but it has all the elements this type of software needs. When you scan the current system, drivers will be immediately displayed. You also have the possibility of scanning another system if you run the program as administrator.

In case you choose the 'Backup' option, you can have the application store the files in a structured folder structure, in a compressed folder (zipped), or have it create a single file, self extracting executable. The second step is to input the destination directory, press OK and watch Double Driver process the information.

Restoring the backed up items is done in a similar manner. After you locate the backup file, Double Driver will bring forth an installation wizard that will help you perform the recovery.

It's recommended you don't leave the computer at this point, because you might need to confirm some actions. The time it took to restore drivers was even shorter than their backup and we encountered no errors during our tests.

Another useful feature you might try is the ability to save the list of scanned drivers in text format or print it directly. CPU and memory resources are fairly put to use, so your operating system should work normally while Double Driver is processing information.

In conclusion, this small and yet highly effective piece of software proves to be very reliable for backing up and restoring Windows drivers.

Double Driver screenshot 2 - Double Driver will offer you the possibility to select the destination for the driver(s) you want to backup.

Here are some key features of "Double Driver":
  • -List, save, and print drivers details
  • -Backup drivers from current Windows
  • -Backup drivers from non-live/non-booting Windows
  • -Backup drivers to structured folders, compressed (zipped) folder, and self-extracting capability
  • -Restore drivers from previous backup
  • -Available in GUI and CLI application
  • -Portable (no installation required)

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