Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BAD CD / DVD Reader - It can copy data from unreadable CDs and DVDs

BAD CD / DVD Reader screenshot 1 - With the help of this application you can view and copy files from several CDs and DVDs.

BAD CD / DVD Reader is a simple application that lends you a hand in accessing or copying data from scratched discs, be they CDs or DVDs.

Of course, this kind of program could come in handy for all of us, especially since it was developed to address such an important issue, but BAD CD / DVD Reader fails to do so more or less.

While it manages to target both beginners and professional users with the help of a simple and easy to use interface, BAD CD / DVD Reader doesn't quite impress when it comes to accessing data stored on unreadable discs.

On the other hand, if it indeed manages to get past the scratches and view the content of a CD or DVD, the application offers dedicated tools to copy either the whole disc or just a given folder with a single click.

In addition, BAD CD / DVD Reader doesn’t include a settings menu to allow users to configure the application; another downside it that the help manual included in the package is basic and provides limited information on its features.

For instance, it's pretty impossible to know for sure how exactly it's supposed to read scratched CDs and DVDs because the help file says nothing about this procedure.

Obviously, if we were to vote for some improvements, we'd choose not only a refreshed interface, with a more user friendly approach, but also advanced settings and a comprehensive help manual.

The conclusion is rather simple: BAD CD / DVD Reader is a decent application, but don't expect it to do wonders.

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