Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Top 10 best Android free Business Apps

Business applications or business
softwares are software or set of
computer based programs, which are often used by the users of business for performing various business related functions. Increasing productivity, measuring productivity, and performing
business functions properly are some of the uses of business applications.

MS Office, Adobe Flash and a few extra compatibilities provided by Android platform makes it very user-attractive.
Business apps are also one of the most important factors of Android being chosen by users among others.

So, here you’ll find 10 best android free business apps:

1. Adobe Flash:
All necessary functions of
Android are in-built in Adobe Flash. It has been the key for business
presentations and has videos which are embedded on the Platform of the
Android. As Android’s only competitor iOS platform is no supportive of Flash on the devices having iOS platform, so Android has become a major platform for
Android community. It empowers vector graphics, rich and speedy Internet applications and animations.

2. Boomerang:
Boomerang is an email
app which is an extension of Android
platform. This is integrated with Google Apps accounts and Gmail. This app can help you to stay organized with a great efficiency. It has many advanced capabilities like pre-scheduled emails, email snoozing, response tracking, etc
which can be use to elevate our Gmail use to a great new level on our smartphone.

3. Expense Manager:
Managing one’s expenses has become one of the most important headaches of people these days. It is with the help of this app, now,
that you’ll be able to manage expenses of any and every kind, whether it is an expense of your clients, accounts, or business. You can even record expenses, set limits monthly and manage overheads monthly.

4. Jiff:
Jiffy is the most attractive app,
as we all know that time management is the key to one’s success. Jiffy, being the time tracker app is one such app which helps you to do the same. If you want to master your time and want to stay at the top of the projects, formal projects, clients, days, then this is the right app for you.

5.Olive Office Premium:
This is the only office app which is free. We can edit and read all our MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text and CSV files here in this simplified
platform. It supports many languages like French, Chinese, and English, etc.

6. Business Calendars:
This calendar application has zoom able multi day view, smooth scroll, textual and graphical presentation, search function, and many other facilities.

7. CamCard:
It has a tagline ‘read your card, mind your business’. It supports business cards and saves them automatically to your phone contacts.
You can sync data cards from all your devices.

8. Instagram:
This is the most popular photo sharing application which allows
you to do share photos socially. You can take a photo, and then add a cool filter to it and your photo is ready to be shared.

9. Kindle:
This is an app which kindles your mind with the vast knowledge of
millions of books it has.

10. Netflix:
If you hate missing your movies or TV shows, then this is the perfect app you’ll ever find.

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