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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Top 4 alternatives to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone



Today Android and iOS rule the cell phone market, consolidating to give the managing frameworks for more than 95 percent of cell phones. Still, not everybody is an enthusiast of the Apple-Google portable universe.
Assuming that you’re careful about Android’s security inadequacies, tired of iOS’s overly forceful auto-remedy, or intrigued by tapping out of the Apple vs. Google portable war, then again, you’ll be satisfied to realize that various new open-source portable OSs are slated to make a big appearance in the following year or something like that.

Ubuntu, Standard’s in popular desktop OS, is irrevocably making the hop to mobile. Not to be befuddled with Ubuntu for Android (which starts a full form of Ubuntu when your mobile is docked to a PC), the touch form of the organization’s prominent open-source operating system is ready now as a developer preview.
Sanctioned has stated more than once that it needs to make something special with the touch form of Ubuntu, and the visionary see discharge of the OS expects correct to remember that mission. By and large eminent is the nonappearance of a lock screen—rather, you get a “welcome screen” offering an enlivened round that presentations pattern insight about your mobiles status, for example missed calls or appropriated memos and tweets.
The OS depends on touch motions, and Ubuntu gave each edge of the screen a reason: Swiping left carries up a record of applications; swiping to the right switches to a previously opened application; motion to the bottom acquires up-application route controls, and swiping up controls the mobile’s status symbols without leaving the application.
The OS’s great dependence on the aforementioned signals implies that you can access any application or role on the mobile without needing to do a reversal to the home screen.
The home screen does serve a reason, on the other hand, and Ubuntu states you’ll have the capacity to tweak it with information from countless sources, incorporating Wikipedia, music, video, and online saves.

2.Firefox OS:
Mozilla took a page out of Chrome OS’s book with Firefox OS, the conglomeration’s all-HTML5 versatile working framework. Like Google’s program-based desktop OS, Firefox OS is based on an establishment of open Web norms, and each component—down to the mobile’s dialer—runs as a HTML5 provision.
Therefore, “applications” in Firefox OS aren’t applications in the accepted sense; they’re celebrated connections to Web applications that the OS allows to enter characteristics and information on your telephone.

You won’t discover numerous greater names in the tech business than Samsung and Intel, so their organization in advancing the Tizen mobile OS has characteristically knocked some people’s socks off. Tizen is an open-source, Linux-based mobile stage that has a great deal in just the same as Android as far as look and feel. But whereas Android depends on Google fixes for a hefty portion of its capacities, Tizen will be modifying to change to uphold non-Google utilities.
This flexibility is particularly imperative in Asia, since Google’s aids are extensively hindered in China, and Google falls behind associations like Baidu and Yahoo Japan in territorial prominence.

4.Jolla Sailfish:
Finnish startup Jolla’s Sailfish OS is a rebirth of MeeGo, a Linux-based versatile OS advanced by an assembly of ex-Nokia workers. Despite the fact that Sailfish is still in the alpha phase of infrastructure, Jolla discharged the working framework’s programming improvement unit a month ago as an unlimited download for Linux clients.
Parts about the new OS are meager, yet it seems to have a clean interface and to underline motions for multitasking. Certain onlookers have drawn parallels between the stage’s home-screen symbols and the live tiles in Windows Telephone 8.

Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today and shared this. Now I'd love to hear from you. Got any views, thoughts and questions related to the post? I'm all ears here. Add your comment.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Manager – free accounting software for small business


Looking for accounting software?

Manager is free accounting software for small business. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


What's included for free
Manager includes key accounting modules, tax functions and features that streamline data entry and accounting procedures.


Review key financial data as transactions are entered. Track bank account balances, accounts receivable, accounts payable, transaction taxes, income, expenses, profit and more.

Bank Accounts

Enter receipts and payments from bank accounts, credit facilities and business loans. Import electronic bank statements. Use the automated bank reconciliation to avoid manually matching transactions to bank statements.

Cash Accounts

Record receipts and payments from cash accounts such as petty cash, cash floats or other cash accounts.

Sales Quotes

Create quotes for prospective customers showing prices and other terms of the sale. Quotes may be converted to invoices when they are accepted.

Sales Invoices

Create invoices for customers showing details of products, services, prices, taxes and payment terms.

Credit Notes

Issue credit notes to customers if required to reduce or minus the full amount of sales invoices with errors, disputed charges, returns, damaged items and faulty items.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders that can be converted to purchase invoices.

Purchase Invoices

Record purchase invoices from suppliers for purchases made on credit and maintain accounts payable.

Delivery Notes

Create delivery notes that list the description, and quantity of the goods delivered so your customers can sign them as a proof of delivery.


Enter customer contact details to assist with sales and other information used for invoices, quotes and credit notes.


Enter supplier contact details to assist with purchasing and entering purchase orders, purchase invoices and delivery notes.

Expense Claims

Record expenses paid out of pocket or by personal credit card.

Journal Entries

Record transactions or adjustments into general ledger and subsidiary ledger accounts.


Includes balance sheet, profit & loss, trial balance, general ledger, tax reports, receivables, customer statements and payables.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to send free fake SMS from any number to any number worldwide


Global SMS Communication…

At Light Speed

Messaging made easy.

Create campaigns. Engage your customers. Grow your business…

I will tell you how you can send anonymous SMS to your friend's mobile using Internet. By  anonymous I mean that you can use any mobile number to send the SMS  rather than your own number.

How to Send free anonymous SMS from any number to any number:

To send anonymous SMS , first you need to sign up on On registration, you will 25 free credit that can be used to send 25 SMS free of cost from one number to another in India or anywhere in the world.To send your first free anonymous message follow the below steps:
  1. Visit this link and register on SmSglobal
  2. After registration , password will be sent to your mobile, enter the password and login into your online account.
  3. Now click on "Send  SMS  to number " tab in right side of your account.
  4. Just enter the Sender ID, where you can write any number rather than your own mobile number. Don’t forget to add ‘91’ before the number into both text field.
This is really a great website to play pranks with your friends  but can be very dangerous sometimes as you can do much more than just sending anonymous SMS with this trick , for example you can update wall post of any of your friends using this trick . How? Let me tell you.
Now a days everybody is using Facebook Mobile text service to update their wall status.If you have tried this service then you must be knowing that to update your Facebook status you need to send your wall text to ‘9232232665".Now with SMSGloblal , you just need to send a text message to Facebook number(‘9232232665) from your friend's mobile number and which you can easily do using your SMS global account.
NOTE: It is a great trick but misusing this service can cause serious trouble to both you and your friend ,so I request you to please avoid misuse of this service

Monday, March 3, 2014

Flipped Text Generator ʎuunɟ


Flipped text generator is very useful when you want to amaze your friends by flipping the text upside down. You can use these text in social media like facebook, Google+, etc... As status update.

If facebook & Google+ you can use this in chat box too.

The are simply like normal text but are not available on your keyboard, So to create them a simple tool as you see below is required.

What to do:
  • Just enter the text to be flipped it the first box.
  • Copy the flipped text from the second box.
  • And use it everywhere! :)

Use this Site to flip your text upside down


2 Sites to Get Free Mobile Recharge / Airtime ( Worldwide )


Hi guys, I found some interesting sites through which you can get mobile recharge free of cost. Some sites offers Free Mobile Recharge by matching last digits of your mobile no. with their set of numbers, on a daily basis. Others offer free mobile recharge for completing surveys, offers, playing games, etc. that the provide after signing up to them.
Info.: The sites mentioned in this article are 100% Genuine and tested by me.

Below are some sites used by me regularly to get free mobile recharge. Check them out,

1.) mCent :

mCent offers free airtime for taking surveys, referring friends and entering into contests. If you ask me the best way to get talk time with mCent is through referring friends as surveys and contests are not always available.

2.) Binu :

Supported Countries: (India, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America.)

Binu gives credits for attending surveys through it's mobile app(Available for java and android).  Exchange your biNu credits to buy airtime for your mobile phone. Or buy other premium products such as SMS, books and music.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to Use your USB Flashdrive as RAM


How to Upgrade Your RAM Using a USB Flashdrive

Upgrading your RAM will make your computer run more efficiently. Games, internet browsing and application speeds will increase.

1.) Plug your flash drive into one of the USB ports. Make sure you have no important files saved to the flash drive. The higher the memory on the flash drive, the more RAM you can add to you computer, however, certain computers can only use so much.
2.) Click Start > Computer > Right Click your flash drive > Properties

3.) Go to the Ready Boost tab and check the "Use this device." box. Now drag the slider all the way to the right, so you can use your flash drive to it's full potential. Click apply then Ok.

4.) Now just to check if everything worked open up your flash drive and you should have a ReadyBoost file located inside of it.

And there you go your computer should now run more smoothly! Remember the more RAM you add the more of a difference you should see in performance.

Some IMPORTANT Things:

- The RAM added will not show up in your installed memory because it is "Virtual memory".
- Do not unplug your flashdrive while your computer is on, turn off before unplugging. Computer may crash if unplugged while computer is on.
- You can use as many flashdrives as you have USB ports.
- I recommend changing the name of you flashdrive to something involving "RAM" so you don't save any files to it.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Silent-Sense technology allows smartphones to recognize its owner


Silent-Sense technology allows smartphones to recognize its owner
Silent-Sense technology allows smartphones to recognize its owner

Gone are the days of the passwords! US-based scientists from Illinois University have developed a software which recognizes you by your touch. Believe it or not, but the software allows the touchscreen of the device to recognize the user by his way of tapping or swiping the screen of the device. Developer Cheng Bo and his colleagues have named it Silent-Sense. The software is said to have a 99% accuracy rate and would be further worked upon, to unleash its full potential.
So how does it work? Well, the software uses the built-in sensors to monitor the fingertip size, pressure patterns, pressure duration and many similar things. These are stored in the device memory as user signature, which helps it recognize its original user. According to the developers, they would further enhance it by allowing the accelerometer and the gyro sensor to work in tandem with the software.
In the initial stage, Silent-Sense was tested on a group of 100 users. Developers reveal that within 10 taps, the software showed 99% accuracy rate. There is more to the software! It does not check for the user’s identity while running games or apps. It only powers itself while running personal stuff like mails, texts and other sensitive data.

LAlarm - Free Laptop Alarm Security Software



• Protects laptops and data
• Protects laptop users
Posted Image

How to lock down a laptop to a table

The following procedure locks down a laptop to a table or other immobile object. It requires 1) a USB flash drive and 2) a neck strap (or similar one), which will be used to fasten to the flash drive one end and ties around a table leg or other immobile object the other end. It is useful when you do not have access to a power outlet.
  1. Fasten the strap to the flash drive. (see photo below)
  2. Fasten the other end of the strap to a table or other immobile object.
  3. Plug in the flash drive into a USB port of a laptop.
  4. Lock the laptop by pressing the Windows logo key and L key together.
When a thief removes the laptop from the table, the laptop will be disconnected from the flash drive and then an alarm will go off.
Tips: Instead of using an ordinary neck strap, a USB extension cable can be used to fasten to a table. An advantage is that when the cable is cut off, the theft alarm will also go off.
Fasten the strap to the USB flash drive
Step 1: Fasten the strap to the USB flash drive
Fasten the strap to a table
step 2: Fasten the strap to a table
Plug in the USB flash drive into a USB port of a laptop.
Step 3: Plug in the USB flash drive into a USB port of a laptop.

                    (Video) Theft alarm demo with flash drive

  • System requirements: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP,SP2, or SP3. Windows 8 is not supported.
  • Please learn how to properly disarm the theft alarm before installing.
  • For non-English Windows users: LAlarm account lockout function will not work if you are using LAlarm in a non-English Windows. See workaround.
  • Get an alert when a new version is available via RSS feed.

Posted Image

Download the Software Here

Talkatone - make and receive FREE calls and texts to US , Canada phone numbers



Turn your Android device into a phone: get a FREE U.S. phone number, make and receive FREE texts and calls to U.S. phone numbers.
Traveling overseas? Take your device with you and call and text US numbers for FREE on WiFi without paying outrageous roaming costs. Call and text for FREE using a WiFi connection or cellular data (3G/4G/LTE).

Product features:
• Get a FREE unique, local U.S. phone number for your Android device
• Get FREE texting with your device to U.S. phone numbers
• Get FREE inbound calls with your device
• Get up to 20 FREE outbound call minutes per month to U.S. phone numbers (with the option to purchase more minutes as needed)
• Get UNLIMITED, FREE Talkatone-to-Talkatone calls and texts anywhere in the world
• Call and text for FREE using WiFi when you don't have cell coverage
• Stop paying too much for cell minutes and text messages
SPECIAL NOTE TO EXISTING TALKATONE FOR GOOGLE VOICE USERS: Talkatone will continue to support Google Voice users until May 15, 2014. After May 15, 2014 Talkatone users will no longer be able to access Google Voice through Talkatone because Google is discontinuing third party access to Google Voice on that date. We encourage all existing Talkatone for Google Voice users to consider switching to the new Talkatone service, the features of which are described above, prior to May 15, 2014 to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted transition. Happy Talking!
More info:

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2

  • Stop paying for cell minutes, texts & landlines
  • Turn your iPad or iPod touch into a phone
  • Call/Text even in areas with bad cell coverage
  • Call/Text when travelling without paying for expensive international minutes

Get the Site Here

Monday, February 24, 2014

"SteamOS" An Ultimate Operating System for Gamer's



SteamOS  is a Debian GNU/Linux-based operating system in development by Valve Corporation designed to be the primary operating system for the Steam Machine game consoles.And it is designed primarily for playing video games. Users will be able to stream games from their Windows or Mac computers to one running SteamOS, and it will incorporate the same family sharing and restrictions as Steam on the desktop. Valve claims that it has "achieved significant performance increases in graphics processing" through SteamOS. The operating system is open source allowing anyone to build on or adapt the source code.

Since SteamOS is designed for playing games it does not have many built-in functions beyond web browsing and playing games; for example there is no file manager or image viewer installed by default. Users can, however, install other software by using the inbuilt GNOME desktop environment. Though the OS does not, in its current form, support streaming services, Valve is in talks with streaming companies to bring the feature to SteamOS. The OS does not currently support AMD or Intel graphics cards and so requires an Nvidia one.


What are the SteamOS Hardware Requirements?
Processor: Intel or AMD 64-bit capable processor 
Memory: 4GB or more RAM 
Hard Drive: 500GB or larger disk 
Video Card: NVIDIA graphics card
(AMD and Intel graphics support coming soon!) 
Additional: UEFI boot support
USB port for installation 

 The next question will be how you can install it in your computer Right . there  are two methods for installation, but both will erase entire your hard disk ,so you have to take care aboout that,

Default Installation

You will need to create a SteamOS System Restore USB stick to perform this install. The image provided here requires at least a 1TB disk.

1.Download the default SteamOS beta installation(

2.Format a 4GB or larger USB stick with the FAT32 filesystem. Use "SYSRESTORE" as the partition name.
3.Unzip the contents of to this USB stick to create the System Restore USB stick.
4.Put the System Restore USB stick in your target machine. Boot your machine and tell the BIOS to boot off the stick. (usually something like F8, F11 or F12 will bring up the BIOS boot menu).
5.Make sure you select the UEFI entry, it may look something like "UEFI: Patriot Memory PMAP". If there is no UEFI entry, you may need to enable UEFI support in your BIOS setup.
6.Select "Restore Entire Disk" from the GRUB menu.
7.When it is complete it will shutdown. Power on the machine to boot into your freshly re-imaged SteamOS.

Custom Installation

The second method is based on the Debian Installer. It requires multiple configuration steps:

1.Download the custom SteamOS beta installation(

2.Unzip the file to a blank, FAT32-formatted USB stick.
3.Put the USB stick in your target machine. Boot your machine and tell the BIOS to boot off the stick. (usually something like F8, F11, or F12 will bring up the BIOS boot menu).
4.Make sure you select the UEFI entry, it may look something like "UEFI: Patriot Memory PMAP". If there is no UEFI entry, you may need to enable UEFI support in your BIOS setup.
5.Selected "Automated install" from the menu.
6.The rest of the installation is unattended and will repartition the drive and install SteamOS.
7.After installation is complete, log onto the resulting system (using the Gnome session) with the predefined "steam" account. The password is "steam". Run steam, accept the EULA, and let it bootstrap. Logoff the steam account.
8.Log on with the "desktop" account. The password is "desktop".
9.From a terminal window, run ~/ This will prompt for a password - enter "desktop". This script will perform the post-install customizations, delete itself, then reboot into the recovery partition capture utility.
10.Confirm "y" to continue and the recovery partition will be created. When it is finished, reboot into your freshly installed SteamOS.

Now you can start,you are powered with steam, YOUR WAR BEGINS HERE

Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now I'd love to hear from you. Got any views, thoughts and questions related to the post? I'm all ears here. Add your comment.

Increase battery life of your laptop - How to Guide


Every laptop or Netbook user these days have the same headache of limited backup time of batteries. As far as your system is new , you will have a good backup time but when it becomes a few months old you will definitely face problem of limited battery life.
So here I am giving you a solution to Increase battery life of your laptop up to a sufficient extent.
There is an inbuilt command in your computer to Increase battery life as well as the performance of the system but not all users are aware of it. Some laptops directly provide an interface with option termed as “ POWER SAVING MODE ” but  if your laptop is old or don’t have this feature by default , you need not to worry because you can do the same task manually.
If you have a laptop with Windows 7 installed, you can use the ‘powercfg‘ command . It will display useful information about your laptop’s energy consumption and usage. If  you can understand and maintain  it correctly then you can extend your Battery life and performance by great amount.

Steps Increase battery life of your laptop

Step 1: Click on the Start Menu and type “ CMD ” in the Start Search bar.
Step 2: The search will start and it will then display an icon of “ CMD ” . simply right click on it and select Run as administrator.
Step 3: It will open command line, now simply run the command “powercfg -energy” without quotes. (For windows 7users.)
Windows 8 users can Simply run the command “powercfg /energy” without quotes.
Step 4: Now Press “Enter”.
Once you successfully execute this command , Windows  will run a complete scan of  your system and it will find some ways to improve performance and power efficiency.
The results of this process will be saved to an HTML file, which is commonly  present  in the “System32” folder of most of the systems.
To access this file, simply follow the path which will be displayed in command prompt window after completion of the command. Read This file to understand that what program in your system is consuming more power and degrading the performance. Fix the Problem to Increase battery life of your laptop.

Some More Useful Tips to Increase battery life

  • Eject or Remove External Devices like Pendrive/DVDs/External HDD if not in Use
  • Run Apps that don’t Eat up much RAM
  • Disable Bluetooth of your Laptop if not in use.
  • Reduce Screen Brightness, This takes away lot of your battery, Reducing Brightness will help
  • Turn of Internet if you are not using it.
  • Make sure your Laptop’s Temperature remains Low
I am quite sure Performing these Tasks will help you to Increase battery life of your laptop.