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Do you know you can Install Android Operating System on Computer or PC  (Windows, Mac, Linux). There are many methods available in the market to install android on computer. Today I am going to illustrate one of easiest method using which it can be done in no time. To make it clear,  this is how it will work-> User downloads a framework and Android operating system is installed over that framework. Framework which i am talking about is Virtual Machine from Oracle, Virtual Machine allows user to install multiple operating system on a single Operating System.
Since Virtual Machine is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris, Android is compatible with most of PC’s and Computer all around the world.


Installation process of different android version (ICS, Jelly bean) are all similar, only difference is the version of android you need to download from source.
  1. Download and install Virtual Machine on your computer, choose version depending upon your Operating System. for ex download VirtualBox 4.2.16 for Windows hosts for Windows Operating System.
  2. Download Android from below sources, I have tested using Android 4.0.4 but you can download and install other version like jelly bean.
3.  Extract Android 4.0.4 and double-click on VMLite-Android-v4.0.4.vbox and and click on start to install android on computer.It will take some time depending upon speed of your computer.
Install Android OS on PC or Computer (Windows, MAC, Linux)


  1. Open Virtualbox and Select New from menu, Enter credentials and select  ->Type : Linux,Version : Other Linux
  2. Click next and enter minimum 1 GB space on RAM, 1GB space for hard disk (either dynamic allocation or fixed) and click next.
  3. Now goto Virtual Device and select setting a box will appear now goto Storage->Storage Tree->Empty and in the attribute section on the right side select android 4.2 or 4.3 iso you have downloaded, and check  Live CD/DVD and click ok.
  4. Start Virtual Machine and Select Android-x86 on Hard Disk,  next screen create/modify partitions.
  5. Create New bootable partition and select write and select quit after writing.
  6. Now install android 4.x on  sda1 , type as ext3 and install grub.
  7. Remove ISO from VirtualBox and reboot Virtual Box.
  8. Now you can boot to android operating system.
Now its time to enjoy world’s best and amazing operating system on computer.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to Turn Computer Web Camera to Security Camera


Posted ImageWhat is the Cammster?

Cammster is an alarm system for your house with additional features which works by a principle of the motion detector.
Cammster is created for those who don't want to leave apartment without supervision during holidays, business trips etc.
Cammster advantages are photographing and sms notifications with link to the photos.

How it works

Leaving apartment, you leave the turned on computer with the webcam connected to the Internet and the launched program.
If movement is detected, the program will photograph the place through the webcam and will save pictures to the selected storages. You will be notified by sms and email about it.
*If you have pets, you can adjust sensitivity of the program to avoid false alarms.

What can Cammster?

  • Motion detection
  • Save photos into the E-mail attachments
  • Save photos to the RapidShare
  • Save photos to the Dropbox
  • SMS alerts about detected motions
  • Running several detectors in different tabs or computers.
  • History of alerts

Activate it Here

Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today and shared this. Now I'd love to hear from you. Got any views, thoughts and questions related to the post? I'm all ears here. Add your comment.



1. Insert SIM in Modem (Dongle).

2. Modem show invalid SIM, just ignore it and close modem     software.

3. Start NOKIA PC suite.

4. Goto nokia pc suite connect to internet option.

5. Go to Configure. Select your data card modem,and make all operator apn setting as like when we use nokia mobile connection.

6. Finish set up.

7. Now connect to internet through PC suite.


Now u can use your modem with the operator of your choice.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Android Interface

Awesome apps that can change your old boring Android Interface.
 You have often wondered ,how you want to change your old android interface.
If you are bored of your old interface,check out the new apps that can change the look,experience on your device.

1. Aviate
     One of the recent launching app for android,its really a primarily launcher which replaces your default Android launcher app.It gives a lot new experience in its new pattern of home screens ,folders,notification bars and drawers.Its totally different from the default UI. The Aviate has a complete different approach, it keeps changing according to your usage (as well as your location and time during a day). Suppose you are travelling,this app can suggest you the music that suits for the location, the navigation apps and even foursquare(app which can tell you where you can go out to meet friends at the moment).The interesting feature of this app is that the launcher keeps learning as your usage increases which is really interesting.As we all know ,nothing is perfect, minor bugs have been detected which are needed to be cleared by the developers.Well you won't find any serious issues like crashes or lags.
                                                        Aviate is available on Google playstore. 
                                                    To download Aviate click on the link below.

       Well this one is really cool in its layout, homescreen(which are customizable).This is same as Aviate which is launcher app for the default android launcher. Themer is developed by MyColorScreen .Well this one is the one of the best app if wish to create(more specifically transform) your Android Smartphone's looks and layouts.Currently there are more than 55000 unique homescreens at themers for you to download(depends on the specification of the device).At first , you may find difficult in managing the  layouts and designs as every design and layout differ from one another,but if you starts understanding it,it is the best,amazing ,cool UI you can get.
Well this app is working for all android 4.1 smartphones(not sure about working in tablets,as it still in developing for big screens).
Themer is available on Google playstore.
  To download Themer click on the link below.

3. GO Launcher EX
      This is the most popular and downloaded launcher app for Android.It contains vast range of customizable themes,making it so popular, perhaps the most downloaded launcher app for Android Smartphones. The appreciative feature of this app is that is that you can customize your icons,wallpaper and lock-screen with lots of themes and patterns. And other important feature is that ,you can change the launcher app to default  Android app launcher easily.(It also contains Alienware theme)
GO launcher EX is available on Google playstore.
  To download GO Launcher EX click on the link below.

   Its just like Aviate, the app learns according to your usage and keeps updated with your location and the time of the day. Well it seems it is made for screen lock app if you use Android device(more specifically smartphones).The latest and most recently used apps are placed at the top in a clean looking screen. This launcher is good ,user friendly.This app is handy in checking the updates and needed downloads.

Cover is available on Google playstore.But in some regions ,it may not.
  To download Cover click on the link below.

5. MIUI MiHome Launcher
         MIUI MiHome Launcher is one of the most easy to use apps as it initially changes the looks of layout of your Android interface rather than completely replacing the design pattern.Another feature is it has its own lock screen, its own wallpaper ,icons and widgets.This app is developed by Xiaomi, a chinese smartphone and app maker.The launcher app can be used in Android devices using 2.3 and above. Many variety of customizable themes are available at Xiaomi's store.

                                            MIUI MiHome Launcher is available on google playstore
                                       To download  MIUI MiHome Launcher click on the link below.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Top 5 Pay Per Install ( PPI ) Affiliate Networks

A few months back, one of friends suggested me to start a software downloading blog and to monetize it through any pay per install affiliate network. My friend told me about his earnings which were impressing. He was earning big with his downloading blog.After getting inspiration from his earnings, I started a shareware blog and then started searching for some highest paying PPI affiliate networks. After a thorough research, I found 5 networks which satisfied me. Today I’m sharing 5 best of these pay per install programs with you which will earn big for you.

1. SkyMonetizer
Skymonetizer is among the best PPI affiliate programs which pay the highest in market. The goodness of SkyMonetizer, it gives good rates for Indian and Pakistani traffic too while other pay per install networks keep the rates comparatively lower for the traffic generated from these two countries. If your downloading blog is receiving good traffic from India and Pakistan, SkyMonetizer must be your only choice. Minimum payout limit at SkyMonetizer is $50 and payments are made twice a month. Signup at SkyMonetizer

2. OneInstaller
Once installer is the second best PPI affiliate network which I have tested and it also earns good for you. The only disadvantage of the affiliate network is its comparatively high payout limit which is $200. For small publishers, the limit may take long to reach. Learn more here, how to monetize your software downloading blog with OneInstaller.

3. RevenYou
RevenYou is yet another useful platform which is specifically developed for software and application developers. After registering at RevenYou, upload your application and then get the truncated download link for the uploaded .exe file. Now promote the link on your blog or website. You will be paid for every install and rates are good for almost all countries.
At present, the maximum file allowed to be uploaded is 50MB. If you have some bigger files, you need to contact the RevenYou support. They will upload the file to their server and will provide you with download link. Payments are made on net 30 basis.

4. OptimumInstaller
Yet another high paying pay per install program is OptimumInstaller where you can provide your .exe files after your account is created. Once you will provide them with your .exe setup files, the OptimumInstaller staff will integrate your downloads with their downloader and will provide you with the download link for the files.

5. Conduit’s Pay Per Install Program
Conduit is also running a Pay Per Install program which allows you to monetize your software downloading blog or your applications. If above programs don’t satisfy you, you can giveConduit’s pay per install program a try.
So this was my list of 5 top paying pay per install (PPI) affiliate networks which are dominating their industry today. Do you know about any other high paying PPI program? Don’t forget to share with us in comments.

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20 Pay Per Post ( PPP ) Sites That Pay You To Blog

get paid bloggingWriting paid post is perhaps the most straight forward ways to earn some revenue from blogging. The way pay post works hasn’t changed much; after reaching mutual agreement with advertisers, you write about them, they pay you. And if there is a 3rd party (middle man company) involve, they take cut. Most middle man company provides marketplace for advertisers to look for publishers, vice versa.
If you firmly believe that writing pay post is one good way to revenue from your blog, here’s a list of web services that pays you to write for them. If you have a paid post service I’ve missed out I’d like to add them to the list.

1. Squidoo

Squidoo is a publishing platform and community where you can share personal write-ups through their website. Articles on Squidoo are called ‘lenses’ or pages. Once you’ve posted a lens, ads of similar or recommended products of what’s written is placed around your lens.
The ads will consist of products which are sold via their affiliate programs with Amazon, eBay and a few others. You keep half of whatever Squidoo makes off your lens which is then payable to you via PayPal or donated to a charity of your choice.

2. HubPages

Like Squidoo, in HubPages, you write ‘hubs’ or articles about an original and useful topic. Once you’ve posted your article, ads related to what you wrote are placed. These ads are generated from Google AdSense, HubPages Ad Program and/or affiliate programs such as Amazon and eBay products.
Once your article(s) earns the minimum amount on Google AdSense ($100) or HubPages Ad Program ($50), you can chose to cash out your earnings through PayPal.

3. ContentBLVD

ContentBLVD connects blog owners to writers. To be a writer for ContentBLVD, you have to send in an application and meet its criteria, one of which is living in and being eligible to work in the U.S. Once you get in, you can start writing articles based on the topics or assignments as required by ContentBLVD’s clients.
If your content gets used, you will be paid between $12 to $48 per piece. For now, ContentBLVD is still in beta mode (at the time of this writing) but it is worth checking out if you want to quit writing spam assignments.

4. Helium

Helium is a writing community where you can choose to write about your own topic or write for one of Helium’s clients under their assignment dashboard. One way to earn money through Helium is with their assignment-based articles which are sold to publishers or brands who need content for their websites and products.
You can also earn money via their Ad Revenue Sharing program where they pay you based on the amount of traffic your personal article brings to their site. You can cash out after earning the minimum of $25.

5. Triond

Triond is another writing community where you write articles that are then posted on other popular websites. Triond allows you to post audio, video and pictures together with your written articles which are then published to relevant websites based on what you’ve written.
You can then track your article views, comments and earnings via your user dashboard. You cancash out 50% of the advertising earnings from your articles every month.

6. Epinions

If you love writing reviews (and who doesn’t?), check out Epinions. You can write positive or negative reviews about products available for purchase on web stores all over the internet. From the reviews, you earn Eroyalties credits through the Income Share program, which is redeemable in US dollars.
The program rewards reviewers who help other buyers make their decisions on buying or not buying the product based on your review. US residents can redeem their check with a minimum balance of $10 while non-US residents must have a minimum balance of $100.

7. Fiverr
Fiverr is a place you where you can ‘sell’ your writing skills or services (among others) for a fixed price of $5 – you get to keep $4. When someone buys whatever you’re offering to sell, they’ll pay to Fiverr first. Once you’ve completed the task at hand, $4 will be credited into your account.
You can then withdraw your earnings via PayPal. Unlock ‘levels’ by selling more and more often on Fiverr, and more opportunities and tools will be opened for your use.

8. Yahoo! Contributor Network

Writers can sign up for free to be a Yahoo! Contributor where you can find daily ‘assignments’ to write about. Many of these assignments offer up-front payments ranging from $2 to $25 (and sometimes more). Otherwise, you can create and earn from your own content as well, with payments ranging from $2 to $15.
All payments are processed through PayPal. The content you write is shared on other Yahoo subdomains like Yahoo! News, Shopping, Voices, Sports, etc which gives you very good exposure.
Yahoo Contributor Network

9. Demand Media Studios

You need to apply to write for Demand Media Studios but once accepted, you’ll be given tasks or assignments which they require you to write about. These assignments will be based on subjects which you are interested in or have knowledge of. This is determined when you first apply for the assignment.
We also have reason to believe that content on eHow originates from here, giving you and your articles even more exposure. Your articles that get published will net you from $15 to more than $30.
Demand Media

10. Digital Journal

Digital Journal is a community with a rather serious tone. You can contribute by creating blog posts and interacting with groups by discussing and debating the latest news and important blogs. The more you contribute, and the more attention you bring to your post, the more you can earn from the site.
Payments are done via PayPal. In order to begin contributing, you must apply to be a Digital Journalist by submitting a sample of your writing. For more details on how this works, hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.
Digital Journal

11. About.Com is a renowned website which you’ve probably stumbled across more than once. Because they’re so renowned, being a guide or topic writer means you have to apply to write for specific topics.
You’ll also have to go through a two-part orientation and evaluation program to learn of their editorial standards before being accepted to write for them. There is no mention about how much you can earn from writing for them but payments are done on a monthly basis.

12. Blogging.Org

This is a website for people to buy and also write articles to be sold. To earn money from, all you have to do is contribute quality articles of specific topics. Since the other half of the website is for people to browse and purchase content, if your article gets chosen, you’ll get paid a certain amount.
Articles go for as low as $1.50 up to $20 per piece, however there is no mention on how much you are entitled to. Premium writers are mentioned to ‘earn $30/hour and payments are done weekly.Register for free to start writing.

13. Constant Content

Constant Content is a website that allows writers to get their content sold to multiple clients. There is also a Public Request System where writers can submit fresh articles to buyers who are looking for content on a specific subject.
As you write more, you can join the Writer Pool to claim exclusive projects from clients. This is a great way to build your portfolio. Each article price is determined and paid by the client; Constant Content will take 35% while the writer receives 65% through PayPal.

14. Bukisa

Bukisa’s aim is to give knowledge to others by sharing experiences. So most of their articles are ‘How-To’ guides. This is a great place to write about a something you are interested or have knowledge in.
Earnings are based on Google AdSense within your article. It’s also a community where you can meet other writers. It’s free to sign up so just give it a go.

15. Content Row

Content Row is a company that sells content written by you. However, their FAQ states that each content written is only sold to 1 customer and the customer can use their name instead of yours on the article. Technically you sell off your right of ownership to the content you produce.
However, you will earn 50% of whatever the customer pays and can write articles that are of interest to you. To be an author for Content Row, you’ll have to send in an application with 3 writing samples.
Content Row

16. ArticleTeller

At ArticleTeller, you can be a writer for many customers who go to their site looking to purchase content. As a writer, you can earn stars as you write each article. These starts let you moe through four writing levels or rankings. You can earn more money per article if you’re higher ranked.
A Requester (buyer) will pay you a certain amount for the number of words you write, and you get to keep 81% of whatever they paid for the article, payable via PayPal.

17. Xomba

Xomba is a place with articles in the categories of Entertainment, Home, Writing, Science & History, News & Politics, Technology and Living. Ads from Google AdSense are automatically placed on the article you write.
Despite the flexibility of topics to write on, when it comes to payments, Xomba splits the earnings with you; you will receive 40%. Also, earning through Google AdSense means you can only withdraw your earnings when it reaches $100.

18. Wizzley

Writing on Wizzley can earn you money in a few different ways. Besides earning from Google AdSense, you can show related products sold on Amazon in your article, and you will receive a commission if one of the products is sold through the writing your article.
They even allow you to use pictures for sale from AllPosters, and if they get sold from the click of your article, you get a share of the earnings. Other similar ways to earn commission include Zazzle and Chitika.

19. Zujava

Zujava refers to their articles as Leaves which cover a wide variety of categories. Google AdSense ads are placed on your articles together with their affiliates program like Amazon where you can feature products within your article.
50% of the earnings from ads and products sold are sent to you via PayPal.

20. SponsoredReviews

SponsoredReviews is a place where advertisers look for bloggers to write about their products. This is also a site for bloggers who want to sell sponsored posts on their blogs.
Advertisers who go to SponsoredReviews have their own requirements for what they want in each post. Once you’re account and profile is on SponsoredReviews, advertisers will visit your blog and if they’re interested to buy ‘advertising space’, they’ll contact you. Bloggers can also approach advertisers directly.
Sponsored Reviews

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